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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

  • Switch off the headlights (if they are on).

  • In the vehicle with the dead battery, switch on the heater fan and the rear window defroster. This helps to minimize voltage spikes when the cables are disconnected.

  • With the engine running, remove the jumper cables in reverse order to the way they were connected.

  • Disconnect the black (-) cable from the vehicle with the dead battery.

  • Disconnect the black (–) cable from the other vehicle (vehicle with the good battery).

  • Disconnect the red (+) cable from the other vehicle (vehicle with the good battery).

  • Disconnect the red (+) cable from the vehicle with the dead battery.

  • Close the battery cover as the case may be.


Improper use of jumper cables when jump-starting a vehicle with a dead battery can cause the battery to explode, leading to serious personal injury. To help reduce the risk of battery explosion:
  • All work on the batteries or the electrical system in your vehicle can cause serious acid burns, fires, or electrical shocks. Always read and heed the following WARNINGS and safety precautions before working on the batteries or the electrical system ⇒ Vehicle battery .
  • Always wear proper eye protection. Never lean over the vehicle batteries.
  • Attach the jumper cables in the correct order: first the positive cable, then the negative cable.
  • Never connect the negative cable from the vehicle providing starting assistance to parts of the fuel system or to the brake hoses or brake lines.
  • Never allow the non-insulated parts of the battery clamps to touch.
  • Never allow the jumper cable attached to the positive battery terminal to contact metal parts of the vehicle.
  • Check the battery acid level indicator window on the vehicle battery. Use a flashlight, never a match, cigarette lighter, or other open flame. If you cannot see the color of the window clearly, or if it is light yellow or colorless, do not jump-start the vehicle. Get expert assistance.
  • Avoid electrostatic discharge in the vicinity of the vehicle battery. Sparks may cause the hydrogen gas escaping from the vehicle battery to ignite.
  • Never jump-start a vehicle with a battery that is damaged or frozen or that was frozen and has thawed. The battery can explode. Replace the battery instead.
  • Always follow the instructions of the jumper cable manufacturer.
  • Always make sure that the battery providing starting assistance has the same voltage as the dead battery (12 V) and about the same capacity (see battery label).
  • Batteries give off explosive hydrogen gas. Always keep fire, sparks, open flame and smoking materials away from batteries.
  • Never connect the negative cable from the other vehicle directly to the negative terminal of the dead battery. The hydrogen gas from the battery is explosive.
  • Never short out the battery terminals by connecting the positive (+) and negative (–) terminals with each other.
    Switch off the ignition in both vehicles. If necessary, open the battery cover in the engine compartment Vehicle battery. Attach one end of the red jumper cable to the positive term ...


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