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Fig. 166 In the engine compartment: Remove the cover from the vehicle battery.

Fig. 167 In the engine compartment: Open the sleeve covering of the vehicle battery.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Check the electrolyte level of the battery regularly if the vehicle has high mileage, in places with warm climate and if the vehicle has an old battery. Otherwise the vehicle battery does not require maintenance.


  • Prepare the vehicle for work in the engine compartment ⇒ Preparations for working in the engine compartment .
  • Open the engine hood  ⇒  .

Opening the battery cover

Depending on the engine type, the battery covers are implemented differently:

  • With a hard cover:⇒ Fig. 166  Press on the tab (small arrow) and remove the cover upward.
  • With a soft cover:⇒ Fig. 167  Open the sleeve cover to the side.

Checking the vehicle battery acid level

  • If the lighting conditions are poor, use a flashlight so that you can clearly see the battery charge indicator and tell what color it is. Never use an open flame or an unprotected light source.
  • The round battery window (acid level indicator) on the top of the battery changes color, depending on the battery's electrolyte level.
Color Response
Light yellow or colorless Battery electrolyte level is too low. The battery may need to be replaced. Have it checked by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.
Black Battery electrolyte level is satisfactory.


Working on the batteries can cause serious acid burns, explosion, or electrical shock.
  • Always wear eye protection and protective gloves.
  • Sulfuric battery acid is very corrosive. It can burn unprotected skin and cause blindness. Always wear protective gloves and eye protection.
  • Never tilt the vehicle battery. Acid could spill out of the battery vents and burn you.
  • Never open a vehicle battery.
  • If you get battery acid in your eyes or on your skin, immediately rinse with cold water for several minutes and then get immediate medical attention.
  • If you swallow any battery acid, get medical attention immediately.
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