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Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Off-road rules of conduct

Always be responsible and respect the environment when driving off-road. Driving through undergrowth and over meadows can destroy areas where animals live.

  • Only drive where it is permitted.
  • Keep noise and dust to a minimum.
  • Leave nature as you found it.
  • Always stay on designated trails and paths.
  • Avoid sensitive natural habitats.
  • Yield to drivers who are driving uphill or passing.

Good driving practices

Special rules apply to off-road driving ⇒ :

  • Never drive off-road alone. At least 2 off-road vehicles should travel together. Unexpected situations can occur. For this reason, take along the equipment you need to call for help in case of an emergency.
  • Stop and explore the route on foot wherever necessary and always before traveling over difficult trails or terrain.
  • Drive over hill crests slowly. Otherwise, the vehicle can tip and be damaged and disabled.
  • Drive slowly through difficult terrain segments. On slippery surfaces, upshift and keep the vehicle moving.
  • Look for terrain that is firm and stable. Off-road ground is frequently soft, and the tires can sink into it. This reduces ground clearance and fording depth.
  • Even at low speeds, always follow other vehicles at a safe distance. If the first vehicle suddenly gets stuck, the second vehicle can still stop in time without getting stuck as well.


Off-road driving can be dangerous, can lead to accidents, vehicle damage, stranding in remote areas, and serious personal injury.
  • Never drive too fast or for terrain and weather conditions.
  • Always adjust your speed and driving style to road, terrain, traffic, and weather conditions.
  • Always avoid sudden, sharp maneuvers that increase the risk of loss of vehicle control or getting stuck.
  • When driving off-road look and think ahead, expect the unexpected.
  • To reduce the risk of loss of control and serious personal injury, never use the cruise control when driving off-road. Cruise control is designed for highway use. It is completely unsuitable for off-road situations and can even be dangerous when used off-road.


Always make sure the vehicle has enough ground clearance. Severe damage to the underbody can occur if the vehicle bottoms out. The damage could disable the vehicle and leave you stranded.
  • While driving off-road do not drag the clutch or rest one foot on the clutch pedal. Otherwise, in bumpy terrain you might press the clutch accidentally, resulting in loss of vehicle control. In addition, the frictional connection between the engine and transmission is lost. Further, driving while dragging the clutch causes fast wear of the clutch lining.

Tread lightly is an educational program designed to increase public awareness of land use regulations and responsibilities in our nation's wilderness areas. Volkswagen supports the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management in encouraging you to preserve our national forests and other public and private lands by treading lightly.

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