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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    For your own safety and that of your passengers, carry out each of the following steps in the order listed before every off-road trip ⇒ :

  • Inform yourself thoroughly before exploring nature and the terrain you plan to visit.

  • Do not plan extensive day trips. Consider the increased fuel consumption during off-road driving.

  • Fill the fuel tank completely. Off-road driving consumes significantly more fuel than driving on the road.

  • Check whether the tires are suitable for the off-road trip you are planning. For difficult terrain, always use special off-road tires.

  • Check, and if necessary correct, the cold tire inflation pressure in all tires, including the collapsible spare tire (if any).

  • Fill engine oil up to the MAX mark so the engine can be properly lubricated. This is especially important when driving through potholes and up and down hills.

  • Completely refill the windshield washer reservoir with water and window washer fluid.

  • Install a towing eye in the front and back of the vehicle. Once the vehicle gets stuck, it may no longer be possible to install a towing eye.

  • Check the vehicle tool kit. Add tools and other gear based on the special requirements of the trip you will be taking Useful off-road driving equipment.

  • Stow luggage as low and flat as possible in the vehicle. Safely secure all loose objects.

Before driving off-road the first time

Before you drive your vehicle off-road, we urge you to take an appropriate off-road driving course. Taking a course is especially important if you have little or no experience driving off-road. Even more experienced off-roaders can benefit from an off-road driving course.

A good course can show you how to handle the vehicle in a wide range of off-road situations and how to more safely deal with difficult terrain Driving off-road demands a different attitude and very different skills compared with highway driving. Your safety and that of your passengers will depend on your knowledge, skill, and caution as a driver ⇒ .


Disregarding the safety-related checklist may lead to accidents and serious personal injuries.
  • Always review and follow the checklist above. Follow commonly accepted safety practices and use common sense.
  • All occupants must sit properly and wear safety belts whenever the vehicle is moving.
    Before driving off-road
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    General rules and good driving practices
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject Off-road rules of conduct Always be responsible and respect the environment when driving ...

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