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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Digital Satellite Radio Tuner

General Information

Depending on the vehicle radio or radio navigation system used, the reception can be expanded for satellite radio programs via equipment with a digital satellite radio tuner.

The digital satellite radio tuner is installed in the "RNS 315" unit.


  • Before troubleshooting or servicing, the technicians must be familiar with the function and operation of the radio unit/radio navigation system and of digital satellite radio tuner.
  • Refer to the Owner's Manuals.

For servicing or trouble shooting, use the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester and → Wiring diagrams, Troubleshooting & Component locations

When the battery is reconnected, check any affected system or component (radio, clock, comfort electrical connection etc.) according to the repair manual and/or the Owner's Manual.

A satellite reception antenna is installed on the rear of the roof for satellite radio tuner operation.

In the Tiguan, the digital satellite radio tuner is installed under the front right seat.


The digital satellite radio tuner is equipped with On Board Diagnostic (OBD) capabilities

Use the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester under "Guided Fault Finding".

Digital Satellite Radio, Removing and Installing


Do the following before starting the procedure:

  • Turn off the ignition and all electric consumers and remove the key.
  • Slide seat cover off in direction of -arrows-.

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10783

  • Disconnect connectors -A- and remove four screws -arrows-.
  • Remove digital satellite radio tuner together with bracket.

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10782

  • Remove screws -arrows- while holding nuts under bracket in place - otherwise, these will turn with screws.

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10781


Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Overview - Multi-Pin Connectors on Digital Satellite Radio Tuner

  1. Data Input and Output Information Connection
  2. Voltage Supply Connection
  3. Antenna Line Connections

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10777

Multi-Pin Connector 1, Assignment

  1. CAN Bus, Low
  2. CAN Bus, High
  3. CDX, Left, Input
  4. CDX, Right, Input
  5. Audio, Negative
  6. Audio, Output, Left, Positive
  7. Audio, Output, Right, Positive
  8. CDX, Negative

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10778

Multi-Pin Connector 2, Assignment

  1. Voltage Supply, Negative
  2. Voltage Supply, Positive
  3. Not Assigned
  4. Not Assigned
  5. Not Assigned
  6. Not Assigned
  7. Not Assigned
  8. Not Assigned

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10779

Antenna Connectors, Assignment

  1. Antenna, Terrestrial, Input, Brown
  2. Antenna, Satellite, Input, Green

Volswagen Tiguan. N91-10780

For vehicles from 11/2006, a connection is still available here.

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