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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Rim Information

Overview - Rim

Volswagen Tiguan. Overview - Rim

  1. Rim Flange
    • Stop for the side tire bead
  2. Hump (H2) on Both Bead Seats
    • Prevents the tire from slipping off the bead seat when driving around tight curves
    • An extended hump (EH2) is required when using run-flat tires.
  3. Bed
    • Makes it easier to mount the tire
  1. Rim Width
    • Distance between the tire contact surfaces on both rim flanges
    • Dimensions in inches
  2. Rim Diameter
    • Distance between the rim contact surfaces on the opposite tire shoulders
    • Dimensions in inches
  3. Offset
    • Distance between the vertical wheel center and the inner wheel contact surface
    • Dimensions in mm
  4. Pitch Circle Diameter
    • Circle diameter where the wheel bolt holes are located
    • Dimensions in mm
  5. Center Hole
    • Enables centering
    • Dimensions in mm


There are several specifications located on the rim. The following examples shows the rim identification:

Replacement parts number: 6E0 601 027 A
Size of disc wheel: 6 J x 15 6 - Rim width in inches J - Shape of rim flange 15 - Rim diameter in inches
Offset (mm): 43
Indication for hump on bead seat: EH2 Extended Hump 1)

1) Raised round hump on both bead seats. These ensure that when using a tire with emergency mode properties in airless condition, the tire does not slip from the bead seat. Wheels with EH2 are only necessary if tires with emergency mode properties are mounted.

Composite Wheels

Composite wheels consist of various parts.

The primary components are rims and wheel discs. These components are fastened to each other with special screws and a special procedure. This ensures the wheel's function, proper seal, safety and true running. These important requirements cannot be guaranteed under shop conditions and using shop tools.


Composite wheels must not be disassembled or repaired!

Light Alloy Wheels, Care and Maintenance

To maintain the decorative appearance of light alloy wheels for a long time, regular care is necessary.

In particular, road salt and dust from brake abrasion must be thoroughly washed off every two weeks. Otherwise, the paint of the light alloy wheel will be attacked.

Cleaning Agent

The following are appropriate cleaning agents:

  • Water or water and soft soap
  • Water and vinegar essence
  • Light alloy wheel cleaning agents without acids or harsh solvents

Do not exceed the soaking time of the cleaning agent.

The shorter the specified soaking time is, the stronger and more aggressive the cleaning solution is.

Paint Damage

Fix paint damage as soon as possible.

Removing Adhesive Residue from Glued Balance Weights on Light Alloy Rims

  • Harsh solvents and acids attack the paint on light alloy wheels and the surface of the wheel becomes matte and milky. These agents therefore must not be used.
  • To remove adhesive residue on light alloy wheels, use light alloy cleansers or benzene-based cleanser. Do not exceed the soaking time of the cleaning agent.
  • After cleaning or removing adhesive residue on the tires, they must be rinsed again with water.

Light Alloy Wheels, Preparing


  • Do not repair damaged rims by heating, welding or adding or removing material.
  • Do not repair damaged or deformed rims or rims with cracked or deformed bolt holes.
  • Only prepare wheels with tested and specified original paint materials.
  • No warranty claims can be made against the manufacturer after preparing rims.
Do not repair rims that have cracks forming on the edges. Replace them immediately.

Cutting work, application of heat and welding applications of any kind are not permitted.

Reshaping material is not permitted.

The true running and axial run-out deviations before preparation must not exceed the manufacturing tolerance of 0.8 mm.

Only cast light alloy wheels may be primed. These wheels have the material identification AlSi xx on the inside.

Forged wheels may only be painted.

Preparation is limited to the painted surfaces.

Wheels that have been worn smooth that only have a clear coat may not be repaired.

Only surface damage on the visible side of the wheel may be prepared.

Damage must not be more than 1 mm deep.

Up to 50 mm of the rim flange may be removed and filled.

Hub Cap for Alloy Wheels with Open Threaded Connection, Removing and Installing


  • The wheel is removed.


Hold the cap secure -1- with the hammer.

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10564


  • Hold the cap -1- flush against the opening in the aluminum rim.
  • Line up the Volkswagen logo on the cap with the valve so that the logo is centered over the valve -2-.
  • Press on the cap so that it is secure inside the opening in the aluminum rim.
  • Make sure the cap it secure inside the aluminum rim.

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10561

Decorative Trims, Replacing

Decorative Trims, Replacing, Bonded Decorative Trims

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Cartridge Gun -VAG1628-
  • Trim Removal Wedge -3409-
  • Wiring Harness Repair Set - Hot Air Blower -VAS1978/14A-


  • 1K Window Adhesive - DH 009 100 A2-
  • Silicone Remover - LSE 020 100 A3-

Decorative Trim, Removing


It is not possible remove the decorative trim without damaging it.

Volswagen Tiguan. Decorative Trim, Removing

  • Loosen the lock washers -2- from the inside of the light alloy wheel.
  • Warm the decorative trim -1- from the outside using the Hot Air Blower -VAG1416-.


Do not overheat tires and light alloy wheels.

  • Loosen the decorative trim -1- from the inside of the light alloy wheel using the Trim Removal Wedge -3409-.
  • Grab under one corner from the outside and pull the decorative trim -1- off the light alloy wheel.


  • The adhesive points for the PUR label are cut into the light alloy wheel.
  • The remaining material serves as the adhesive base for the new decorative trim.
  • The new decorative trim can be installed immediately.

Decorative Trim, Installing

These light alloy wheels are equipped with replaceable decoration elements. Note the following when installing.

  • Make sure the adhesion area on the light alloy wheels and decorative trim are free of dust and grease.
  • Clean the adhesion area with Silicone Remover -LSE 020 100 A3-.

Volswagen Tiguan. Decorative Trim, Installing

  • Apply 1K Window Adhesive -DH 009 100 A2- on the adhesive surfaces -arrows- using the Cartridge Gun -VAG1628-.

Adhesive point: length = approximately 25 mm and diameter = approximately 10 mm

Volswagen Tiguan. Decorative Trim, Installing

  • Press the decorative trim -2- into the light alloy wheels -1- using firm pressure.
  • Secure the decorative trim -2- to the inside of the light alloy wheel with lock washers -3-.

Minimum Curing Time: 3 Hours at Room Temperature of Minimum 15 ºC (59 ºF).


The light alloy wheel must be balanced again.

Decorative Trims, Replacing, Bolted Decorative Trims

These disc wheels are equipped with replaceable decoration elements. Note the following when installing.

  • Clean the thread in the disc wheel before screwing in the new bolts.
  • Use new bolts only!
  1. Decoration element
  2. Hex socket bolts

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-0158

Tightening specification for self-locking hex socket bolts: 5 Nm

Valve, Removing and Installing

Valve, Removing and Installing, Valve Explanations

1. Valve Body

  1. Valve body
  2. Valve Insert
  3. Valve cap

The rubber valve for tubeless tires is designed to seal air-tight in the hole in the rim. The elastic material of the rubber body presses itself tightly into the hole in the rim.

When valves with threaded metal feet are used, a rubber seal is used to seal the rim. The area around the edge of the valve hole is a sealing area. Therefore, they must be free of rust, dirt and damage.

2. Valve Insert

The valve core has the most important job in the valve. It creates a seal and enables the regulation of the air pressure. The small plate seal on the valve core can only do its job when it is free of impurities, dirt and moisture. The compressed air system must be free of water and oil!

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-0236

3. Valve Cap

A valve cap must always be screwed onto the valves. It prevents dirt from getting into the valve. Dirt which may be in the valve would reach the seal of the valve plate when the tire is inflated and cause a leak.

The valve must be replaced every time a new tire is fitted.

If the vehicle is driven without caps on the valves, there is the danger that dirt may get into the valve. This leads to gradual loss of air and therefore lead to the destruction of the tire:

  • Separation of carcass and rubber.
  • Wide circumferential furrows in the area of the bead.
  • Disintegrated tread or torn-out tread.


An air-tight seal is ensured only if the valve cap is secured tightly.

Valve, Removing and Installing, Rubber Valve

Make sure wheel rim is clean.

  • Using the Valve Fitting Tool Valve Fitting Tool -VAS6459--1-, insert a new tire valve.
  • Remove the valve insert.
  • Inflate tire to approximately 3 to 4 bar (43.5 to 58 psi), tire bead must slip audibly over rim hump when doing this.
  • Install the valve insert.
  • Check the tire pressure for specified pressure.
  • Balance the tire.

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10348

Valve, Removing and Installing, Metal Valve

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque Wrench -VAG1410-

Perform the Following:


  • Remove the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor.
  • Remove the nut -1- from the metal valve.
  • Counterhold -arrow- the metal valve using a retainer (for example 2 mm spiral bore) while doing so.

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10443



Only apply the specified torque to tighten the nut for the metal valve. Tightening more is not permitted because it damages the seal.

  • Tighten the nut -1- of the metal valve.
  • Counterhold -arrow- the metal valve using a retainer (for example 2 mm spiral bore) while doing so.
  • Install the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor.

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10443

Run-Flat System PAX

Run-Flat System PAX, Support Ring


Overview of the most important dimensions:


Example: 90-500(35) CLI A 1 876107

90 -  Designated width in millimeters

500 -  Designated diameter in millimeters

35 -  Height in millimeters

CLI - Support ring versions: CLI - Clip supporting ring/FL - standard supporting ring

A - Build type index, asymmetrical. Indication of wheels with emergency running characteristics (PAX)

1 -  Supporting ring versions

876107 -  CAI, international item code

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10045

Run-Flat System PAX, Dimensions and Designations on PAX Rims

Example: 235 x 500 A - 5 - 41

235 - Designated width in millimeters

x - One-part

500 - Designated diameter of standardized rim seat in millimeters

A - Asymmetrical

5 - Number of bolt holes

41 - Offset in millimeters

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10046

Run-Flat System PAX, Examining Support Ring

As with the tire, the supporting ring is generally not replaced after driving with flat tire.

Replace the support ring if the following damages have occurred:

  • Blowouts or missing parts

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10036

  • Cracks in partitions

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10037

  • Stitch damage and holes

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10038

  • Bubbles and discoloration due to overheating

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10039

Repairs on Tires


  • Repairs on tires with emergency running characteristics (PAX) must not be performed with adhesive tape.
  • Tire repair sprays must not be used on tires with emergency running characteristics (PAX) because these products are not compatible with the gel in the tires.
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