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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Tires with Emergency Running Characteristics, SST (Self-Supporting Tire)

Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual / Wheel and Tire Guide General Information / Tire Information / Tires with Emergency Running Characteristics, SST (Self-Supporting Tire)

Run-Flat Tire, General Information

Run-flat tires have a reinforced sidewall in comparison to standard tires. This reduces the tendency for the sidewall to roll when there is a loss of pressure and prevents the sides of the tire from being pinched. This allows the vehicle to be driven while still maintaining close to normal driving behavior. It also eliminates the need to install the spare tire in dangerous situations such as on the highway or in poor weather conditions.

When there is a flat tire, the vehicle can still be driven to the nearest workshop (within approximately 50 km) as long as the vehicle speed (maximum 80 km/h (49.7 mph)) and driving style are adapted accordingly, see the Owner's Manual.

If there is a flat tire, the driver is ultimately responsible for checking the affected tire and deciding if it is possible to continue driving.

-I- Tires with Normal Pressure

  1. Run-flat tires (reinforced sidewall -red-)
  2. Standard tires

-II- Tires without Air Pressure

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10342

If the standard tire -2- loses pressure, the rim pushes the side wall together. When the tire is the flat, the sidewall becomes extremely hot from the rolling motion and or is pinched. This destroys the tire.

In run-flat tires -1-, the reinforced sidewall (-red-) supports the tire. Because of a special rubber compound and the reduced flexing of the reinforced sidewall, the tires does not become as hot and the vehicle can still be steered.


Read and follow the special requirements for using run-flat tires.

Run-Flat Tire, Retrofitting/Conditions for use of Run-Flat Tires


Using run-flat tires on vehicles is permitted only if the run-flat tire is supplied with the vehicle either as standard equipment or as an option.

Because pressure loss in a run-flat tire is not always visible, these tires should only be used on vehicles equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. This system warns the driver when the tire pressure falls below a certain value.

The following are permitted:

Direct measuring systems.

Indirect measuring systems.

Only mount run-flat tires on disc wheels with an extended double hump (extended hump - EH2).

Pay close attention to the installation instructions.

Do not install both run-flat tires and standard tires, even if the two tires on each axle will be the same.

A standard tire can only be installed in exception cases for a short time or a limited driving distance. The specific characteristics designed for driving with a flat tire will not be available. The driver must be informed of this.

Always Pay Attention to the Recommended Tire Brand.

Run-Flat Tire, Repair


  • Run-flat tires must be replaced after they have gone flat.
  • Pay close attention to the installation instructions.

General Information

  • The wheel must be inspected before mounting, as with conventional wheel and tire systems.
  • Check the rim for damage after a flat tire (true running, axial run-out, other damage) because the rim could be damaged in an emergency by driving through a pothole.
  • A damaged rim should be replaced.
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