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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Brake Lines

Separating Point, Underbody

Old Connection

  1. Pipe fitting, 14 Nm
  2. Distribution piece, counterhold while tightening.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10105

New Connection

  1. Pipe fitting, 14 Nm
  2. Ring
  3. Flare F
  4. Flare E, not flareable
  5. Nut, counterhold when tightening

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10106

Brake Lines, Repairing

Flare the brake lines with 5 mm outer diameter using the Brake Line Tool Kit -VAS6056- without damaging the coating. In this way, brake lines can be inexpensively replaced in partial sections in certain cases.

Working with the Bonded Window Tool Kit V -VAG1356- is not permitted because of the coating and diameter of black brake lines.


  • Brake lines must not be bent more than 90º, otherwise they kink or deform causes unacceptable constriction in the wire cross-section.
  • Disconnect the brake lines preferably at the vehicle floor.
  • The position of intermediate pieces should be selected so that they cannot rub against moving parts.
  • Do not lubricate the spindle, clean only with mineral spirits.

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Brake Line Tool Kit -VAS6056-
  • Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit -VAS5234-

List of Individual Tools

Volswagen Tiguan. List of Individual Tools

  1. Brake Line Tool Kit - Flanging Tool -VAS6056/1-
    • The Brake Line Tool Kit - Clamp Jaws -VAS6056/6- are included in the Brake Line Tool Kit - Flanging Tool -VAS6056/1-.
  2. Brake Line Tool Kit - Pipe Cutter -VAS6056/2-
  3. Brake Line Tool Kit - Brake Line Scraper -VAS6056/3-
    • The threaded pins (in shaft and at sides) are set and must not be adjusted!
  4. Brake Line Tool Kit - Line Grips -VAS6056/4-
  5. Brake Line Tool Kit - Pipe Bending Tool -VAS6056/5-
  6. 6 mm Offset Screwdriver
  7. Brake Line Tool Kit - Clamp Jaws -VAS6056/7-

Overview - Flanging Tool

Volswagen Tiguan. Overview - Flanging Tool

  1. Flanging Tool Upper Section
    • Remove to replace the flaring jaws.
  2. Handle Mount
    • must be removed to reach the bolt for upper section
  3. Bolt
    • For the flanging tool upper section
  4. Threaded Pins for Flaring Jaws
    • Center and hold the flaring jaws
    • 2 mm inner hex socket
  5. Flaring Jaws
    • Variance
    • Assembly instructions → Fig. ""Assembly instructions for flaring jaws:""

Assembly instructions for flaring jaws:

  • Brake Line Tool Kit - Clamp Jaws -VAS6056/6- (dark) for black brake lines
  • Brake Line Tool Kit - Clamp Jaws -VAS6056/7- (light) for green brake lines

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10069


The arrow on the rounded side of the flaring jaws must face toward edge of housing and the straight side of the flaring jaws must be installed toward spindle, otherwise the flared head will not be formed correctly.


  • Remove the affected brake line at brake caliper or brake cylinder and collect escaping brake fluid and dispose of it correctly.


  • Disconnect the brake line at appropriate location (straight, accessible part) with the pipe cutter -2-.
  • Remove the piece to be exchanged.
  • Lubricate the brake line surface.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10058

  • Clamp brake line in locking pliers -4- so that 50 mm of the plastic clamping jaws show.
  • Clamp the shearing tool -3- in a drill and place it on the brake line.
  • Shear the coating from the brake line at a slow drill RPM and with light pressure against the line.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10059

The length of the sheared-off portion is determined by the stop in the shearing tool.

  • Remove the shearing tool from the brake line and remove the shearing remains.
  • Remove the self-grip pliers and the tube fitting -D- from the brake line.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10060

  • Slide the brake line -B- against the stop -A- in the flaring tool.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10061


The brake line must contact the stop when tightening the hex socket bolts, otherwise the flanged head will not be formed correctly.

  • Clamp the brake line in the flaring tool until it cannot be moved any more. Fold the stop -A- up and tighten the hex socket bolts diagonally with the offset screwdriver -C-.
  • Turn the spindle until it stops in the flaring tool.
  • Turn the spindle back.
  • Loosen the hex socket bolts diagonally.
  • Remove the brake line from the flaring tool, clean and check the brake line and the flared head.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10063

Briefly rinse the part of the brake line remaining in the vehicle:

  • Connect the Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit -VAS5234-, place the bleeder bottle hose on the flared head of the brake line and run the Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit -VAS5234- briefly until some brake fluid runs through.
  • Clean the new brake line to be inserted with compressed air.
  • Join the brake lines with the connecting piece -E-.
  • Assemble the brake line.
  • Bleed the brake system.

Volswagen Tiguan. N47-10065

Special Tools

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Piston Resetting Tool -T10145-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-1309

  • Piston Resetting Tool - Cap /6 -T10146/6-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10072

  • Release Tool - Brake Servo -T10159- or Brake Servo Release Tool -T10159A-
  • Brake Pressure Gauge -VAG1310A-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-1293

  • Brake Pressure Gauge - Adapter M10 -VAG1310/6-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-0562

  • Torque Wrench 1331 5-50Nm -VAG1331-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-0427

  • Brake Line Tool Kit -VAS6056-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10372

  • Hand Vacuum Pump -VAS6213-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10259

  • Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit -VAS5234-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-1101

  • Brake Bleeding Tool Set -VAS6564-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10802

  • Brake Servo Tester -VAS6721-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10961

  • Trim Removal Wedge -3409-

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-0016

Edition: K0059111021 - RF - 04/8/2015 - JLH

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