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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Anti-theft alarm system

The anti-theft alarm system makes it more difficult for someone to break into or steal the vehicle.

The anti-theft alarm system is automatically activated when the vehicle is locked by pressing the lock button on the remote control vehicle key.

When is the alarm triggered?

The anti-theft alarm system sounds for about 30 seconds and the turn signals flash for up to 5 minutes if the following occurs with respect to the locked vehicle:

  • Opening a door that has been mechanically unlocked without switching on the ignition within about 15 seconds.
  • Forcibly opening a door.
  • Forcibly opening the engine hood.
  • Forcibly opening the rear hatch.
  • Switching on the ignition with an invalid key.
  • Disconnecting the vehicle battery.
  • Disconnecting an anti-theft system integrated trailer.

Deactivating the alarm

Unlock the vehicle with the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key and switch on the ignition with a valid remote control vehicle key.

For vehicles with Keyless Access, the alarm can be deactivated by grasping one of the door handles when a valid vehicle key is in range ⇒ Unlocking and locking the vehicle from the outside .

After the alarm has stopped and the vehicle is opened again in the same or a different area that is protected by the alarm, the alarm is triggered again. For example, the alarm will sound again if the rear hatch is opened after one of the doors has been opened.

The anti-theft alarm system is not activated when the vehicle is locked with the power lock switch on the inside of the driver or front passenger doors.

If the driver door is mechanically unlocked using the vehicle key bit, only the driver door is unlocked, but not the entire vehicle. Switching on the ignition deactivates the anti-theft alarm system and activates the central locking button. To unlock the doors, use the central locking button or remote control vehicle key.

If the vehicle battery is dead or weak, the anti-theft alarm system will not work properly.

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