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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    For your own safety and that of your passengers, carry out the following steps in the order listed ⇒ :

  • Find a level spot on firm ground for lifting the vehicle.

  • Switch off the engine. Automatic transmission: shift the transmission into Park (P) , Manual transmission only: shift into a gear Shifting. Then apply the parking brake to help prevent the vehicle from moving Braking, stopping, and parking.

  • If towing a trailer: Unhitch the trailer from the vehicle and park the trailer properly.

  • Straighten the steering wheel so that the front wheels point straight forward.

  • Block the diagonally opposite wheel with chocks or other suitable things.

  • Loosen the wheel bolts of the wheel to be changed Wheel bolts.

  • Find the jack lift point on the vehicle frame that is closest to the wheel to be changed.

  • Crank up the jack so that it still just fits underneath the lift point.

  • Position the jack so that its base is directly underneath the lift point , making sure that the entire base of the jack rests securely on the ground.

  • Align the jack and wind up the jack claw at the same time, until the claw cradles the vertical rib underneath the vehicle .

  • Continue cranking up the jack until the wheel is just a little off the ground.


Improper use of your vehicle jack can cause the vehicle to fall off the jack leading to serious personal injury. To help reduce the risk of serious personal injury:
  • Use only jacks approved by Volkswagen for the vehicle. Other jacks might slip, even those approved for other Volkswagen models, but not for your vehicle.
  • Always set up the jack on firm and level ground. The vehicle may slip off the jack if the jack is resting on soft or sloping ground. If necessary place a sturdy board under the jack.
  • On a hard, slippery surface (such as a tiled floor), use an anti-skid rubber mat or something similar to prevent the jack from slipping.
  • Position the jack only at the described vehicle lift points. Before you raise your vehicle, always make sure the jack claw properly grips the vertical rib under the sill so that the jack does not slip off when you are raising the vehicle ⇒ Fig. 195 .
  • Never have any part of your body (such as your arm or leg) under the vehicle when it is supported by the jack. Never let other persons have any part of their body under the vehicle, either!
  • If you must work under a vehicle raised on a floor jack, always make sure that the vehicle is safely supported on safety stands intended for that purpose that are strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle.
  • Never lift the vehicle when it is tilted or inclined to one side or the engine is running.
  • Never lift the vehicle when more than one tire is flat or damaged.
  • Do not start the engine while the vehicle is supported by a jack. Engine vibrations may cause the vehicle to slip off the jack.


Disregarding the safety-related checklist may lead to accidents and serious personal injuries.
  • Always review and follow the checklist. Follow accepted safety practices and use common sense.
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