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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Settings menu

Settings menu Function
Language Set language for messages in the display and navigation system.
MFI Data Enable the features you want to be available under the MFI menu in the instrument cluster display ⇒ MFI menu (Multi-Function Indicator): Premium version .
Compass Calibrating the compass on vehicles without a factory-installed navigation system. To calibrate, follow instructions in the instrument cluster display. ⇒ Compass 
Convenience Convenience function settings ⇒ Convenience sub-menu .
Lights & Vision Vehicle lighting settings ⇒ Lights & Vision sub-menu .
Time Set hours and minutes for the instrument cluster clock, the Radio Navigation System clock, and the analog clock. The digital clocks can be set to show the time in 12 or 24 hour format. Resetting clocks to daylight savings time or standard time.
Snow tires Set up visual and acoustic speed warning. Use the feature only when winter tires are installed that have a speed rating less than top vehicle speed.
Units Set units for temperature, fuel consumption and distances should be displayed (for example, whether to show distance driven in miles or kilometers).
Tire pressure Reset the tire pressure, for example after replacing tires.
Alt. speed dsp Activate/deactivate alternative speed display.
Service Display service messages or reset service interval display.
Factory settings Resets the functions in the Settings menu to the default factory settings.
Back The display returns to the main menu.
    MFI menu (Multi-Function Indicator): Premium version
    The MFI menu has 2 automatic trip memories: 1 – single trip memory and 2 – total trip memory. The number of the memory is shown at the upper right of the display. The trip memories are in addi ...

    Convenience sub-menu
    Convenience menu Function ATA confirm The horn beeps once when the vehicle is locked with the remote control vehicle key if ATA confirm is checked ...

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