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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Convenience sub-menu

Convenience menu Function
ATA confirm The horn beeps once when the vehicle is locked with the remote control vehicle key if ATA confirm is checked. ⇒  .
Door opening function

Manual Doors are unlocked as follows depending on the option selected:

– All doors: Pushing the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key ⇒ Power locking and closing system , unlocks all doors and the rear hatch.

– Single door: Pushing the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key unlocks only the driver door. To unlock all doors and the rear hatch, push the unlock button on the key a second time within about 5 seconds.

– Veh. side: Pushing the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key unlocks the doors on the driver side of the vehicle. On vehicles with Keyless Access ⇒ Power locking and closing system  touching the sensor surface of a door handle on the side where the valid remote control vehicle key is located unlocks the doors on that side of the vehicle ⇒ Power locking and closing system .
Automatic Auto. open: You can enable or disable Auto. open. If Auto. open is enabled (box checked), it is triggered on vehicles without Keyless Access by taking the key out of the ignition. On Keyless Access vehicles, Auto. open is triggered by opening the driver door. Auto. open works only if the vehicle has been automatically locked after reaching a speed of 10 mph (15 km/h) ⇒ Power locking and closing system . It unlocks the doors that would be unlocked if you pushed the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key once.
Window op. Power window settings: When unlocking/locking the vehicle from the driver door with the fold out key bit (mechanical key), all windows can be opened or closed. by holding the key in the open/close position ⇒ Power windows .
Mirror down Tilts passenger mirror down when backing up so you can see the curb ⇒ Mirrors . Feature only available on vehicles equipped with memory seats.
Mirror adjust The setting Both mirrors adjusts the passenger-side outside mirror as well when the driver-side outside mirror is repositioned. This feature is not factory enabled and must be activated in the Convenience sub-menu.
Factory setting Resets certain features in the Convenience sub-menu to the factory settings.
Back The display switches back to the Settings menu.
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