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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Main menus: Premium version

There are six main menus:

Main menus Function See
MFI Multi-Function Indicator (MFI) information. ⇒ MFI menu (Multi-Function Indicator): Premium version 
Audio Station indicator in radio mode

Track display in CD mode.

Track display in media mode.
⇒BookletRadio, or ⇒BookletNavigation system,
Navigation Information displays on the navigation system:

When destination guidance is active, turn arrows and proximity bars are shown. The illustration is similar to the symbol display in the navigation system.

If destination guidance is inactive, driving direction (compass function) and the current street name are displayed.
⇒BookletNavigation system,
Phone Information and settings of the mobile phone package. ⇒BookletMobile Phone Package,
Vehicle status Current warning and information messages.

This menu item is only displayed when warning or information messages are available. The number of available messages is shown in the display. Example: 1/1 or 2/2.
⇒ Instrument cluster 
Settings Includes the Convenience and Lights & Vision sub-menus, as well as many settings such as time, speed warning for winter tires, language, units and Display OFF. ⇒ Settings menu 
    Using the instrument cluster menus: Premium version
    Fig. 16 Premium version (vehicles with menu control multi-function steering wheel): buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. On vehicles with menu control multi-function steering wheels ( ...

    MFI menu (Multi-Function Indicator): Premium version
    The MFI menu has 2 automatic trip memories: 1 – single trip memory and 2 – total trip memory. The number of the memory is shown at the upper right of the display. The trip memories are in addi ...

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