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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:

⇒ Controls 

⇒ Air conditioner operation 

⇒ Air vents 

⇒ Air recirculation 

Manual air conditioning (AC) and Climatronic

Your vehicle is equipped either with a Manual A/C climate control system or with a Climatronic climate control system. On vehicles with Climatronic climate control, system status messages will appear briefly in the Climatronic display and/or on the factory-installed radio or navigation system screen.

The temperature units (Fahrenheit or Centigrade) in the factory-installed radio or navigation system screen can be changed in the Settings menu in the Premium instrument cluster display in appropriately equipped vehicles.

The dust and pollen filter

The dust and pollen filter with an activated carbon insert reduces the entry of pollutants into the passenger compartment.

The dust and pollen filter must be replaced at the intervals recommended in ⇒BookletWarranty and Maintenance, so that the air conditioner can work properly.

If the effectiveness of the filter decreases prematurely due to operating the vehicle where the outside air is heavily polluted, the dust and pollen filter should be replaced more frequently than indicated.

More information:

  • Exterior views ⇒ Exterior views 
  • Volkswagen Information System ⇒ Volkswagen Information System 
  • Windshield wiper and washer ⇒ Windshield wiper and washer 
  • Starting and stopping the engine ⇒ Starting and stopping the engine 
  • Exterior care and cleaning ⇒ Exterior care and cleaning 


Poor visibility increases the risk of collisions and other accidents that cause serious personal injuries.
  • Always make sure all windows are clear of ice, snow and condensation for good visibility to the front, sides, and rear.
  • Maximum heating output and defrosting performance are not possible until the engine has reached operating temperature. Wait until you have good visibility before driving off.
  • Always make sure you know how to properly use the heating and ventilation systems as well as the rear window defroster that you will need for good visibility.
  • Never use air recirculation for long periods of time. When the air conditioner is off and recirculation mode is on, condensation can quickly form on the windows and greatly reduce visibility.
  • Always switch off recirculation mode when it is not needed.


Stale air causes driver fatigue and reduces driver alertness, which can cause accidents, collisions and serious personal injury.
  • Never switch off the fan for a long period of time and never use air recirculation a long period of time because no fresh air will enter the passenger compartment.


  • If you think the air conditioner is not working properly or may be damaged, switch it off to help prevent more damage. Have the air conditioner checked by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.
  • Air conditioner repair requires specialized knowledge and special tools. Volkswagen recommends that you see an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.
  • Do not smoke when air recirculation is switched on. Smoke drawn into the ventilation system can leave residue on the evaporator and on the dust and pollen active carbon filter, resulting in permanent odors whenever the air conditioner is switched on.

If the air conditioner is switched off, the fresh outside air will not be dehumidified. To help keep the windows from fogging over, Volkswagen recommends leaving the air conditioner (compressor) switched on. Press the AC button. The indicator light in the button must come on.

When it is very hot and humid outside, water condensation can drip from the air conditioner evaporator and form a puddle under the vehicle. This is normal and does not indicate a leak.

Keep the air intake slots in front of the windshield free of ice, snow and leaves in order to maintain proper functioning of the heating and ventilation systems.

Maximum heating output and defrosting performance are not possible until the engine has reached operating temperature.

Starting the engine with a very weak vehicle battery and emergency starting may change or delete system settings (including time, date, personal convenience settings and programming). Check the settings and correct as necessary once the vehicle battery has built up a sufficient charge.

    Climate control / Heating and air conditioning

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