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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: A/C System, General Information


The purpose of this Repair Manual is to provide foremen and mechanics with the basic knowledge needed to ensure expert working.


  • Expert knowledge is achieved by one who has taken part successfully in instructional training e.g. AB160 or ST160, including trained experts.
  • This Repair Manual also serves as instructional material.

It should also be available for presentation to the responsible supervisory agency on request.


Non-approved tools or materials such as leak sealing additives can cause damage or malfunctions in the system.

Only use tools and materials approved by the manufacturer.

The warranty is voided if non-approved tools or materials are used.

Additional Information Sources

  • Technical Service Handbook outlining action to be taken to rectify current problems.
  • For the repair manual for model-specific repair work.
  • Sections of Self Study Program number 208 are no longer up-to-date. An example of this is the statement "The receiver/dryer is replaced each time the refrigerant circuit is opened". The following prerequisites apply.
  • Video programs for in-dealership training.
  • Special Tools and Workshop Equipment Catalog.
  • Service Organization Volume 1 Additional Equipment.
  • Repair manual Air Conditioning with Refrigerant R12. Only hardcopies of this manual are available for vehicles through MY 1993.
Refrigerant R134a Servicing

A/C Technology Basic Principles
Physical Principles The four known states of water also apply to air conditioning system refrigerants. gaseous (invisible) vapor fluid solid When water is heated in a vessel (heat absorption), ...

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