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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Tire Sealant

Tire Sealant, Expiration Date

Tire sealant in the bottle has a limited storage life.

Therefore, the expiration date is indicated on the bottle -arrow-.

Replace tire sealant when minimum shelf life date has been reached (tire sealant must not be older than 4 years).

If the bottle was opened, for example, for a punctured tire, it must also be replaced.

Observe the disposal regulations.

Volswagen Tiguan. Tire Sealant, Expiration Date

Tire Sealant, Disposal

  • Tire sealant or residue from it must not be mixed with other wastes/fluids
  • Accumulating fluid residue from tire sealant must be collected and placed in a plastic container. The plastic containers can be sent for recycling together with the tire sets (if the expiration date has passed).
  • The return or recycling can take place using the existing workshop disposal systems
  • Check with the company responsible for trash pickup for the dealership.

Wheel Bolts

Wheel Bolt Versions

Shank Designs

There are two shank designs: rounded and conical.

The rounded shank has a curved surface -arrow A-. This design was used for original rims.

The conical shank has a flat surface -arrow B-. This design is used partially on rims from the accessories program.

  1. Wheel bolt with rounded shank
  2. Wheel bolt with conical shank

Volswagen Tiguan. N44-10567


  • Make sure the correct wheel bolts are installed. Refer to the Parts Catalog.
  • Only the same wheel bolts may be installed on all four wheel rims for every vehicle.

Standard, One-Piece Wheel Bolt.

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10262

Two-Piece Wheel Bolts with Short Rotatable Spherical Cap

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10263

Two-Piece Wheel Bolts With Long Rotatable Spherical Cap

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-10264

Wheel Bolts, Anti-Theft Wheel Bolt

Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts

  1. Anti-theft wheel bolts
  2. Cap
  3. Wheel bolt adapter

Volswagen Tiguan. A44-0018

Wheel Bolts, Master Sets for Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque Wrench 1332 40-200Nm -VAG1332-
  • Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T10101-
  • Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T10101A-
  • Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T40004-
  • Wheel Bolt Master Socket Set -T40073-
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