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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Stabilizer Bar, Removing and Installing

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Locating Pins -T10096-
  • Torque Wrench 1332 40-200Nm -VAG1332-
  • Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931-
  • Puller - Ball Joint -3287A-


  • Remove front wheels.
  • Remove the nuts -arrows- and remove foot well trim -1-.

Volswagen Tiguan. N48-10276

  • Remove the bolt -1- and pull off universal joint -2- from steering gear.


If the universal joint is separated from the steering gear, the following work cannot be performed:

  • Connect the battery.
  • Switching on the ignition
  • Turning the steering gear
  • Turning the steering column.

Volswagen Tiguan. N48-10149

These points must be observed since performing these actions could cause irreparable damage.

  • Remove the lower noise insulation.
  • Remove coupling rods from stabilizer.
  • Remove the nuts -arrows- on left and right side of vehicle.
  • Loosen nut of tie rod ball joint on both sides, but do not unscrew yet.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10188

To Protect the Thread, Screw the Nut on the Pin A Few Turns.

  • Press off tie rod end from wheel bearing housing using Puller - Ball Joint -3287A-.
  • Secure the subframe.

Volswagen Tiguan. N48-10173

  • Remove the stabilizer from subframe -7 and 8-.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10289

  • Remove the bolts -13- and then remove the pendulum support from the transmission.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10292

  • Place the Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- under the subframe.
  • Place for example a block of wood -1- between Engine/Gearbox Jack -VAG1383A- and subframe.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10028

  • Remove the bolts -9 and 10-, and slightly lower the subframe. Observe electrical wires when doing this.
  • Slide stabilizer bar toward right, as seen in direction of travel.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10290

  • Now, lift the stabilizer bar -1- toward the front, over the subframe -2- and down, while turning the stabilizer bar slightly.


Install in reverse order of removal.

  • Install the lower noise insulation.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-10029


  • Coat the seal on the steering gear with lubricant such as soft soap before installing the steering gear.
  • After attaching steering gear to drive axle, make sure that seal on steering gear is positioned to mounting plate without kinks and opening to foot well is sealed correctly. Ingress of water and/or noises may be the result.
  • Make sure sealing surfaces are clean.

Tightening Specifications

Component Tightening Specification
Mounting bracket to body
  • Use new bolts.
70 Nm + 180º
Stabilizer bar to coupling rod
  • Use new nut
  • Counterhold at joint pin inner multi-point fitting
65 Nm
Stabilizer bar to subframe
  • Use new bolts.
20 Nm + 90º
Ball joint to aluminum control arm:
  • Use new nuts
  • Tighten only in curb weight position.
60 Nm
Ball joint to sheet steel control arm
  • Use new nuts
  • Tighten only in curb weight position.
100 Nm
Control arm to subframe
  • Use a new bolt
  • Tighten bolts in curb weight position
70 Nm + 180º
Tie rod end to wheel bearing housing
  • Use new nut
50 Nm
Universal joint to steering gear
  • Use a new bolt
30 Nm
Exhaust system bracket to subframe .

Tightening Specifications, Subframe to Body

Bolt Tightening Specification
M12 x 1.5 x 90
  • Use new bolts.
70 Nm + 180º
M12 x 1.5 x 100
  • Use new bolts.
70 Nm + 180º
M12 x 1.5 x 110
  • Use new bolts.
70 Nm + 90º

Tightening Specifications, Pendulum Support to the Transmission

Bolt Tightening Specification
M10 x 35
  • Use a new bolt
50 Nm + 90º
M10 x 75
  • Use a new bolt
50 Nm + 90º
M12 x 1.5 x 85
  • Use a new bolt
60 Nm + 90º
  • After installing, perform the basic setting on the Steering Angle Sensor -G85- using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.
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