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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: One-Part Clear Coat


  • One-Part Clear Coat -LLS MAX 010-

Product Description

The One-Part Clear Coat -LLS MAX 010- is a single-compound product. The raw material base is acrylic resin.


  • Easy application (one-part material)
  • Dries quickly
  • High gloss
  • Universal usage
  • Easy polishing

Application Instructions


Repair work and partial painting

Base Surface

Suitable base surfaces:

  • Solvent or water-based base paints
  • The base paint can be painted over with One-Part Clear Coat -LLS MAX 010- after 30 minutes.

Pre-treatment of base surfaces:

  • The base surface must be free of dust and grease.

Volswagen Tiguan. P00-10038


For work safety, wear appropriate, personal protective equipment.

  • Latex or nitrile protective gloves, for example
  • Breathing mask, for example type A2/P2


  • Thoroughly shake the can for at least two minutes and perform a short "spray test".

Volswagen Tiguan. P00-10234

Application type "coat"

  • Apply two to three spray applications with a 5 to 10 minute intermediate ventilation time.
  • The recommended dry layer thickness is between 30 and 40 um.

Spraying distance:

  • Maintain a distance of 20 to 25 cm.

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If the spraying procedure is interrupted, make sure that the valve above the spray head is empty to prevent any nozzle blockage.


Air drying at +20 ºC (68 ºF) room temperature is:

  • Dust dry after 10 minutes
  • Firm coating after 20 minutes
  • Polishable after 12 hours

Volswagen Tiguan. P00-10027

IR drying is possible with this product. With short-wave heater, the IR drying is seven minutes.

Further Processing

  • The One-Part Clear Coat -LLS MAX 010- can be polished after 12 hours of air drying at +20 ºC (68 ºF) room temperature using a commercially available polish.

Volswagen Tiguan. P00-10028


For work safety, wear appropriate, personal protective equipment.

Note the safety data sheets as well as the warnings on the label of the spray nozzle.

Shake briefly again before every subsequent spray application.

Dispose of the empty spray cans as recyclable material.


Solid matter content 20% by weight
Yield Approximately 0.5 m² to 075 m²/spray can with 30 - 40 μm dry layer thickness
Gloss level 90 units (60º measurement geometry)
Note Used only by a professional
VOC value: The EU limit for this product (product category IIB.b) in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 629 g/L volatile organic compounds. The VOC value of this product in ready-to-use form is a maximum of 252 g/can.


The guaranteed shelf life of 60 months from date of manufacture. Use no later than the date indicated on the label and store in original container at +20 ºC (68 ºF).

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