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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Panorama Sunroof


Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Roller -3356-
  • Torque Wrench 1783 - 2-10Nm -VAG1783-
  • Adhesive Strip Remover -VAS6349-


The panorama sunroof only works when the ignition is switched on.

After the ignition is switched off, these functions are available until the driver or passenger door is opened.

The opening of front glass panel is pre-selected using the rotary knob -1-.

Opening the glass sunroof in the convenience position -4- prevents most driving noise that may occur when open completely.

The glass sunroof can be tilted and closed by pulling or pushing the rotary switch.

The button to open -2- and close -3- the sun shade are integrated in the rotary knob -1-.

The panorama sunroof is equipped with a closing force limit. When an obstruction is met during the closing operation from the lifting or sliding position, the glass panel automatically opens again.

There is also an emergency closing function. If there are problems closing the panorama sunroof, it can be forced closed by pulling on the back end -arrow- of the rotary knob. The knob must be in the "sunroof closed" position.

For the emergency close function, the closing force limit is deactivated.

The sunroof motor has overheat protection, which activates under different conditions. After the sunroof motor has cooled down, it can be operated again.

If there is a malfunction in the electrical system, the glass panel and sunshade can be moved manually.

Volswagen Tiguan. Panorama Sunroof

Panorama Sunroof Basic Setting


Whenever a glass panel, a motor, the tilting mechanism or the sun shade is replaced, it is necessary to perform a basic setting for the appropriate motor.

The adaptation is done using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.

Select "Guided Functions" in the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.

  • Vehicle Electrical System Control Module 2
  • Panorama Sunroof Basic Setting

Overview - Panorama Sunroof

Volswagen Tiguan. Overview - Panorama Sunroof

  1. Outer Seal
    • Replacing.
  2. Rear Glass Panel
    • Removing and installing.
    • Adjusting.
  3. Front Glass Panel
    • Removing and installing.
    • Adjusting.
  4. Frame
    • Overview.
    • Removing and installing.
  5. Sun Shade
    • Removing and installing.
  6. Sunshade Motor
    • Removing and installing.
    • Initialization.
  7. Sunroof Motor
    • Removing and installing.
    • Initialization.
  8. Tilting Mechanism
    • Removing and installing.
  9. Wind Deflector
    • Removing and installing.

    Glass Panel, Removing and Installing
    Removing Open the glass panel -1- until the trim -2- is accessible. Remove the trim -2- in direction of -arrow A- and carefully disengage the retaining tab -3- on the back side. Unclip the ...

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