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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Remote control vehicle keys

Fig. 19 Remote control vehicle key with panic button.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Remote control vehicle key

The remote control vehicle key can unlock and lock the vehicle from a distance ⇒ Power locking and closing system .

The remote transmitter and battery are inside the remote control vehicle key. The receiver is inside the passenger compartment. The operating range of the remote control vehicle key for a fresh battery is several yards (meters) around the vehicle.

If the remote control vehicle key will not lock or unlock your vehicle, you probably need to replace the battery in the remote control vehicle key ⇒ Replacing the remote control vehicle key battery , If this is not the problem, the key should be resynchronized by an authorized Volkswagen dealer, an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility, or another qualified workshop. See also ⇒ Synchronizing the remote control vehicle key .

Folding the key bit in or out

Pressing button ⇒ Remote control vehicle keys ⇒ Fig. 19①  releases the key bit and folds it out.

To fold the key bit in press button ⇒ Fig. 19①  while pressing the key bit back until it clicks.

Panic button

Press the panic button ⇒ Fig. 19②  only in emergencies! After pushing the panic button, the horn will sound and the turn signals will flash. Press the panic button again to switch off the panic feature.

Replacement vehicle keys

The vehicle identification number is required to get a replacement key or an additional remote control vehicle key.

Up to 8 vehicle keys, each of which must be properly cut, coded, programmed, and synchronized, can be used with your vehicle.

Each new vehicle key contains a microchip and must be coded with the data from the vehicle's electronic immobilizer. A vehicle key will not work if it does not contain a microchip or contains a chip that is not coded, even if the key bit was cut correctly.

You can obtain additional or duplicate remote control vehicle keys from authorized Volkswagen dealers, authorized Volkswagen Service Facilities and from certain independent repair facilities and locksmiths which are qualified to make remote control vehicle keys.

Each vehicle key must be programmed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer, an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility in order for it to work with your vehicle.

To find the nearest qualified independent repair facility, locksmith or Volkswagen dealer which can cut and code replacement vehicle keys call the VW Customer Care Hotline at 1-800-822-8987 or visit http://www.vw.com and search for replacement keys.

Canadian customers can contact an authorized Volkswagen dealer or Volkswagen Service Facility or call the Volkswagen Canada Customer CARE Center at (1-800-822-8987).


The remote control vehicle keys contain electrical components. Protect them from damage, moisture and rough handling.

Do not press the buttons on the remote control vehicle key unless you actually want to use the function in question. Since terrain and conditions vary, pressing a button on the remote control vehicle key when it is not necessary may unlock the vehicle or set off the panic alarm, even if you think you are out of range.

Remote control vehicle key functions can be temporarily disrupted by interference from transmitters near the vehicle that use the same frequency range (such as radio equipment or cellular phones).

Things between the remote control vehicle key and vehicle, bad weather, as well as a weak battery can reduce the operating range.

If the remote control vehicle key buttons ⇒ Vehicle key set  or the power locking buttons ⇒ Vehicle key set  are pushed repeatedly in quick succession, the power locking system is switched off for a brief period to help keep it from being overloaded. The vehicle is then unlocked for about 30 seconds. Unless a door or the rear hatch is opened in this span of time, the vehicle is automatically locked afterwards.
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