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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    Getting ready to change a wheel. Follow these steps in the order listed here ⇒ :

  • If you have a flat tire, move as far away from traffic as possible. Park the vehicle on a flat and level surface where no part of the hot catalytic converter and exhaust system can come into contact with flammable materials under the vehicle, such as dry grass, brush, spilled fuel, etc.

  • Apply the parking brake to help prevent the vehicle from moving Braking, stopping, and parking.

  • Automatic transmission: Shift the transmission into Park (P) Shifting.

  • Stop the engine and remove the key from the ignition switch Starting and stopping the engine.

  • Manual transmission: Engage a gear Shifting.

  • Have all passengers exit and go to a safe place, such as behind a guard rail.

  • Block the diagonally opposite wheel with chocks or another suitable things.

  • If towing a trailer: Unhitch the trailer from the vehicle and park the trailer properly.

  • If the luggage compartment is loaded: Remove the luggage.

  • Take the compact spare wheel and the vehicle tool kit out of the luggage compartment.

  • Take off the wheel covers Wheel covers.


Disregarding the safety-related checklist may lead to accidents and serious personal injuries.
  • Always review and follow the checklist. Follow accepted safety practices and use common sense.
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