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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Washing with a power washer

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Always follow the instructions for the power washer. This especially applies to the pressure and spraying distance .

Make sure there is enough distance to soft material such as rubber hoses or insulating material as well as the sensors of the Park Distance Control system. The Park Distance Control system sensors can are in the rear and, if applicable, front bumper ⇒ .

Never use concentrated jet nozzles or so-called dirt blasters .


Improper use of power washers can cause serious invisible permanent damage leading to tire failure and loss of vehicle control. This can cause accidents and severe personal injury.
  • Keep sufficient distance between water jet and tires. Never wash tires with a nozzle that sprays the water out in a direct stream regardless of the distance to the tire and even for a very short time.
  • Never use dirt blasters to clean tires. Even spraying from a relatively long distance for a very short time can do visible or invisible damage to tires.


After the vehicle has been washed, the wet brakes or, in winter, brake discs or pads coated with ice, react slower and need longer stopping distances.
  • Always dry the brakes and clean off any ice coatings with a few careful applications of the brake. Make sure not to endanger other motorists or cyclists or disobey legal requirements.


  • Water temperature should not be more than +140 °F (+60 °C).
  • To help prevent damage to the paint, do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight.
  • Do not clean icy or snow-covered windows with a power washer.
  • When washing or rinsing the vehicle in cold weather, do not let water get into the lock cylinders or point the hose at gaps around the doors, hood, or rear hatch. The water could freeze on the locks and seals and make it difficult to open the vehicle!
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