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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:

⇒ Warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge 

⇒ Warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge 

⇒ Engine coolant specifications 

⇒ Checking engine coolant level and topping off 

Never do any work on the coolant system unless you

  • know exactly how to carry out the job,
  • have the correct technical information and the proper tools, supplies, and operating fluids, and
  • are familiar with the necessary safety precautions ⇒  !

If you are uncertain in any way, have the work done by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

Serious personal injury may result from improperly performed work.

More information:

  • Trailer towing ⇒ Trailer towing 
  • Preparation for working in the engine compartment ⇒ Preparations for working in the engine compartment 
  • Parts, accessories, repairs and modifications ⇒ Parts, accessories, repairs and modifications 


Engine coolant is poisonous!
  • Always keep the coolant in its original container stored in a safe place.
  • To reduce the risk of poisoning, never store engine coolant in empty food or beverage containers or in any other containers that might mislead someone into drinking from them.
  • Always keep engine coolant out of reach of children.
  • Always make sure there is enough of the correct coolant additive to provide proper antifreeze protection at the coldest temperatures that can be expected where the vehicle will be used.
  • At extremely cold temperatures, the coolant could freeze, causing the vehicle to break down. The heater would also not work, and vehicle occupants could be without protection at subfreezing temperatures.

Coolant and coolant additives can pollute the environment. Collect leaking operating fluids and dispose of them properly in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Applicable only in the United States

    Engine coolant

    Warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge
    Fig. 162 Engine coolant temperature gauge in the instrument cluster: Ⓐ Engine cold; Ⓑ Normal temperature range; Ⓒ Warning zone. Read and follow the introductory information and safety inf ...

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