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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Opening and closing the engine compartment

Fig. 158 A: Inside engine hood release in the footwell on the driver side. B: Outside engine hood release in the radiator grille.

Fig. 159 A: Bracket for hood support in the engine compartment. B: Hood propped open.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Opening the engine hood

  • Before you open the hood, make sure that the windshield wiper arms are resting on the windshield ⇒ .
  • Open the driver door and pull the inside hood release lever in the direction of the arrow ⇒ Fig. 158   A. The engine hood is released from its latch by a spring ⇒ .
  • Push the outside hood release lever ⇒ Fig. 158   B (arrow) and lift the hood all the way up.
  • Pull the hood support out of its bracket in the direction of the arrow ⇒ Fig. 159 C and insert it into the opening in the hood ⇒ Fig. 159   D.

Closing the engine hood

  • Lift the hood slightly ⇒ .
  • Take out the hood support and clamp it in place in its bracket ⇒ Fig. 159   C.
  • Lower the hood by hand until it is about 1 ft. (30 cm) above its latch and then let it drop into place to latch it. Do not push down on it afterwards!

If the hood does not close completely, open it again and close it properly.

When the hood is properly closed, you can see that it fits flush with the other body parts. The indicator light in the instrument cluster will go out ⇒ Warning light .


If the hood is not closed properly, it could fly up and block your view while you are driving. This can lead to a crash and serious personal injuries.
  • After closing the engine hood, check that the hood release lever is properly latched into the hood latch. The engine hood must be flush with the surrounding auto body parts.
  • If you ever notice that the hood latch is not properly secured when the vehicle is moving, stop at once and close it.
  • Never let anyone get in the way of the hood when closing it.


  • Make sure the windshield wiper arms are resting on the windshield before you open the hood. Otherwise, the windshield wipers and the hood may be damaged.
  • Always put the windshield wiper arms down against the windshield before driving the vehicle.


Before opening or closing the engine hood, make sure there is enough room to do so, for example when the vehicle is in a garage.
    Before any work in the engine compartment, carry out the following steps in the order in which they are listed ⇒ : Park the vehicle in a safe place on a firm, level surface. Hold t ...

    Engine oil

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