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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Selecting the right gear

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Different kinds of terrain require different gears. Selecting the right one helps you to get through safely.

Before driving over a difficult section, think carefully about which gear you should select. With time, you will learn which gear is best for various types of terrain.


  • If you select the right gear you will usually not have to slow the vehicle down with the foot brake when driving down slopes - the engine will brake the vehicle. You will then only have to use the brake when the braking power of the engine is not enough.
  • Never accelerate more than necessary when driving off-road. If you accelerate too hard, the wheels could lose traction and you could lose control of the vehicle.

Manual transmission

  • Never disengage the clutch or change gears in difficult terrain. Due to the increased adhesion of all wheels, the vehicle can come to standstill if the clutch is disengaged in mud or deep sand or on an incline. Driving off again from a standstill under these conditions may be difficult or even impossible.
  • Use first or second gear when driving up or down steep slopes.
  • On soft surfaces drive with appropriate speed and the highest possible gear.

Automatic transmission

  • Use selector lever position  (D) when driving on ordinary level areas.
  • Use Tiptronic mode and put the vehicle in 2nd or 3rd gear when driving through moderately difficult off-road terrain, for example mud, sand, water, or hills ⇒ Shifting .
  • Use Tiptronic mode and shift into 1st gear when driving up or down steep hills 1st⇒ Shifting .
  • On soft or slippery surfaces, drive at an appropriate speed and in the highest possible driving range of the Tiptronic.
     Introduction to the subject
    In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:⇒ Selecting the right gear  ⇒ Driving in rough terrain ⇒ Driving through water  ⇒ Driving over snow-covered terrai ...

    Driving in rough terrain
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject Driving tips Drive no faster than a crawl over rocky sections. Drive around obst ...

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