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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Technical terms explained

Fig. 155 Illustration of A: ascent angle. B: lateral gradient.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

The technical date in the table below only apply to ideal conditions. The values were determined on flat, firm, and non-slippery road surfaces and under dry weather conditions.

Changes in vehicle load and the condition of the ground and the surroundings will affect the stated maximum values. The maximum values do not apply, for example, to off-road situations and will also be lower on hard, firm surfaces if ideal conditions do not exist. As the driver, you are always responsible for deciding whether your vehicle is able to handle a particular situation ⇒ .

Term Explanation Technical data
Ground clearance This is the vertical distance between the level ground and the lowest part on the vehicle. maximum 7.6 in (195 mm).
Gradient angle The number of feet (meters) in altitude gained when traveling 100 ft (30.48 m) is given as a percentage or in degrees ⇒ Fig. 155Ⓐ   .

Information on the maximum slope the vehicle can climb unassisted (depends on road surface and engine power).
Maximum permissible 31 degrees (corresponds to 60 %).
Lateral angle

(vehicle slope)
The maximum angle the vehicle may be driven across terrain without the vehicle rolling over (depends on height of center of gravity) ⇒ Fig. 155Ⓑ   . Maximum permissible 27 degrees.
Breakover angle Maximum permitted angle given in degrees that a vehicle driven at low speed can clear a ramp without the underbody of the vehicle scraping the ramp. maximum 21.3 degrees.
Approach/departure angle Transition from horizontal plane to a slope, or from a slope to flat ground.

Maximum angle in degrees the vehicle can be driven at low speed along an embankment without the bumper or underbody scraping.
Approach angle for standard front end:

maximum 18 degrees.
Approach angle for off-road front end:

maximum 28 degrees.
Departure angle:

maximum 25 degrees.
Fall line This is the vertical drop route.
Articulation Articulation capability of the vehicle while driving on one side over an object.


Never exceed the recommended maximum values in the above table. Exceeding these values will result in serious personal injury and/or damage to your vehicle.
  • All values listed above are for ideal conditions and assume firm, even surfaces that are dry and not slippery.
  • Off-road conditions will always be less than ideal. Always reduce the maximum values listed in the table above to allow an adequate margin of safety between the ideal maximum value and your vehicle's actual off-road situation.
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