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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Loading the trailer

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Maximum permissible trailer weight and tongue weight

Maximum permissible trailer weight is the load that the vehicle can tow ⇒ . The tongue load or tongue weight is the load pressing down on the trailer hitch ball mount ⇒ Maximum permissible trailer weight .

The maximum permissible trailer weight and tongue weight for your vehicle are listed on ⇒ Maximum permissible trailer weight  in this Manual.

The trailer load and tongue weight on the type identification plate for the trailer hitch are only test values. The vehicle-specific figures are often lower than these values. In some countries, but generally not in the United States, the vehicle-specific figures are listed in the official vehicle documents. Specifications in official vehicle documents always take precedence.

To help ensure optimum handling and driving safety, Volkswagen recommends always using the maximum permissible tongue weight. If the tongue weight is too low, the vehicle and trailer will not handle as well.

Tongue weight increases the load on the rear axle and, in turn, reduces the remaining load your vehicle can carry ⇒ Maximum permissible trailer weight .

Combined towing weight

Combined towing weight is the weight of the loaded towing vehicle plus the weight of the loaded trailer.

This vehicle has not been designed to tow a Class II trailer and must never be retrofitted to tow a Class II trailer. Always make sure that your vehicle has been designed to tow the trailer you want to use and that it is legal to tow the trailer where you will be driving.

Loading the trailer

The weight distribution in the vehicle and trailer must be balanced. Use the maximum permissible tongue weight and make sure that the load in the trailer is evenly distributed and that it is not front-heavy or tail-heavy:

  • Distribute the load in the trailer so that heavy objects are directly above the axle or as close as possible to the axle.
  • Secure loads properly on the trailer.

Tire pressure

Always follow the trailer manufacturer's tire pressure recommendations for the trailer tires.

When towing, inflate the towing vehicle's tires to the maximum permissible pressure listed on the tire pressure label ⇒ Tires and wheels .


Exceeding the gross weight ratings for axle, tongue, vehicle, trailer or combined weight can cause accidents and serious personal injury.
  • Never exceed the specified values.
  • Never let the actual weights at the front and rear axles exceed the Gross Axle Weight Rating. Never let the combined front and rear weights exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.


Trailer loads that are not properly secured can shift when the vehicle is moving or braking and suddenly change the way the vehicle handles, causing accidents and severe injuries.
  • Always load the trailer properly.
  • Always secure the load properly with suitable, undamaged straps that can be tightened so that the load cannot shift.
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