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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Technical requirements

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Use only a weight-carrying trailer hitch designed and approved for the gross weight of the trailer you want to tow. The trailer hitch must be suitable for your vehicle and trailer and must be securely bolted to the appropriate place on the vehicle chassis. Use only a trailer hitch with a removable ball mount. Always check with the trailer hitch manufacturer to make sure that you are using the correct trailer hitch and carefully follow the hitch manufacturer's instructions. Never install a weight distributing or load equalizing trailer hitch on your vehicle. The vehicle is not designed for this kind of trailer hitch ⇒ .

Your authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility has the genuine Volkswagen hitch receiver, ball mount and electrical kit that has been specifically approved for your vehicle.

Do not use a bumper-mounted trailer hitch

Never install a trailer hitch on the bumper or on the bumper attachments. The trailer hitch must not interfere with the impact-absorbing bumper system. Do not make any changes to the vehicle exhaust and brake systems. From time to time, check that all trailer hitch mounting bolts are securely fastened. When you are not towing, remove the trailer hitch. This helps keep the trailer hitch from causing damage if your vehicle is hit from behind.

Engine cooling system

Towing a trailer makes the engine and its cooling system work harder. It is important that the engine cooling system is up to the job. Make sure that the cooling system has enough coolant.

Trailer brakes

If your trailer has its own brakes, make sure it meets all regulations. The trailer brake system must never be directly connected to the vehicle's brake system.

Safety chains

Always use safety chains between your vehicle and the trailer ⇒ Hitching up and connecting a trailer .

Trailer taillights

Trailer lights must meet all regulations ⇒ Hitching up and connecting a trailer .

Never connect the trailer lights directly to the electrical system of your vehicle. Be sure to check with your authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility about correct wiring, switches and relays.

Outside mirrors

If you cannot see the traffic behind you using the regular outside mirrors, then you must install extended mirrors. Extended mirrors may also be required by law in some countries/states/provinces. Always adjust the outside mirrors before driving. It's vital that you always have a clear view to the rear of the vehicle.

Maximum power consumption for the trailer

Do not exceed the power ratings listed in the chart below.

Electrical load Maximum power
Taillights total 100 watts
Turn signals per side 54 watts
Brake lights total 84 watts
Backup lights total 42 watts


  • An improperly installed or incorrect trailer hitch can cause a trailer to separate from the tow vehicle and cause serious personal injuries.
  • If you don't have to tow a trailer any more, remove the entire trailer hitch. Always seal all bolt holes to prevent water and deadly exhaust fumes from getting into the vehicle.


  • If the trailer lights are not connected properly, the vehicle's electronics may be damaged.
  • If the trailer uses too much electricity, the vehicle's electronics may be damaged.
  • Never connect the electrical system for the trailer directly to the electrical connections for the rear lights or to any other unsuitable power sources. Use only a suitable connector to provide power to the trailer.

If you tow a trailer frequently, Volkswagen recommends having the vehicle serviced between the regular maintenance and inspection intervals because of the extra load it has to pull.

In some countries an additional fire extinguisher must be carried if the total weight of the trailer exceeds 5,512 lbs. (2,500 kg).

     Introduction to the subject
    In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:⇒ Technical requirements  ⇒ Hitching up and connecting a trailer ⇒ Loading the trailer  ⇒ Driving with a trailer ...

    Hitching up and connecting a trailer
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject Safety chains Always make sure that the safety chains are properly attached to the towing ...

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