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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:

⇒ Stowing luggage 

⇒ Driving with an open rear hatch 

⇒ Driving a loaded vehicle 

⇒ Weights and axle weights 

Always stow heavy objects in the luggage compartment and make sure that the rear seat backrests are securely latched. Always use the tie-downs in the luggage compartment and secure the objects with suitable straps. Never overload the vehicle. Remember that the vehicle load, as well as how it is distributed, can affect vehicle handling and braking ⇒ .

More information:

  • Rear hatch ⇒ Rear hatch 
  • Folding down the passenger seat backrest forward ⇒ Seat functions 
  • Lights ⇒ Lights 
  • Luggage compartment ⇒ Luggage compartment 
  • Roof rack ⇒ Roof rack 
  • Trailer towing ⇒ Trailer towing 
  • Tires and wheels ⇒ Tires and wheels 


Unsecured or incorrectly stowed items can fly through the vehicle, causing serious personal injury during hard braking or sharp steering or in an accident. Loose items can also be struck and thrown through the passenger compartment by the front airbags if they inflate. To help reduce the risk of serious personal injury:
  • Always stow all objects securely in the vehicle.
  • Always keep storage compartments closed while driving.
  • Do not stow hard, heavy, or sharp objects in open bins in the vehicle or on top of the instrument panel.
  • Remove hard, heavy, and sharp objects from clothing and bags in the vehicle interior and stow securely. Always put heavy items in the luggage compartment.
  • Always secure objects in the passenger compartment properly with suitable straps so that they cannot move into the deployment area of a side or front airbag during braking, in a sudden maneuver, or in a collision.
  • Always make sure that there is nothing on the front passenger seat when the backrest is folded forward. When the backrest is folded forward, even light objects could be pushed into the seat cushion and cause the weight-sensing mat in the seat to register enough weight to turn the airbag on ⇒ How to tell if the front passenger front airbag is on or off .
  • Always make sure that the PASSENGER AIR BAG light is on and stays on whenever the backrest of the front passenger seat is folded forward ⇒ PASSENGER AIR BAG light .
  • Passengers must never ride in an incorrect seating position because objects are being transported in the vehicle.
  • Never let anybody sit in a seat that is blocked by objects being carried in the vehicle.


Heavy loads will influence the way your vehicle handles and increase stopping distances. Heavy loads that are not properly stowed or secured can cause loss of control and serious injury.
  • Secure the load properly to keep it from shifting.
  • Always remember when transporting heavy objects that a change in the center of gravity also changes the way your vehicle handles:
    • Always distribute the load as evenly as possible.
    • Secure heavy objects properly as far forward in the luggage compartment as possible.
    • Always tie down heavy items securely with suitable straps using the tie-downs in the luggage compartment.
    • Securely latch the rear seat backrest in the upright position.
  • Never exceed the Gross Axle Weight Rating or the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating on the safety compliance sticker on the left door jamb. Exceeding permissible weight can cause the vehicle to skid and handle differently.
  • Always adapt your speed and driving to the heavier load and the weight distribution in the vehicle. Take road, weather, traffic, and visibility conditions into account as well.
  • Always accelerate gently and avoid sudden braking and driving maneuvers.
  • Always brake earlier than you would if you were not driving a loaded vehicle.
    Driving tips

    Stowing luggage
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject Always stow all luggage securely in the vehicle Distribute the load in the vehicle and ...

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