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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Fastening and unfastening safety belts

Fig. 61 Inserting the buckle tongue into the belt buckle.

Fig. 62 Releasing the buckle tongue from the belt buckle.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Properly worn safety belts help to hold occupants in their seats and provide optimum protection during braking or in a collision or other accident ⇒ .

The switchable locking feature makes a clicking sound when the safety belt is winding back onto the safety belt retractor wheel after being pulled all the way out. Whenever a child restraint is installed with a safety belt, the safety belt must be locked so that the safety belt webbing cannot unreel ⇒ Child safety and child restraints . If active, deactivate the locking feature before using the safety belt to restrain a person without a child restraint system.

Fastening safety belts

Always buckle your safety belt before driving.

  • Adjust the front seat and head restraint correctly ⇒ Adjusting the seating position .
  • Make sure the seat backrest of the rear seat bench is in an upright position and securely latched in place before using the safety belt ⇒ .
  • Hold the safety belt by the tongue and pull it slowly and evenly across the chest and pelvis. Do not twist the safety belt webbing ⇒ .
  • Insert the tongue into the correct buckle for your seat until you hear it latch securely ⇒ Fig. 61 .
  • Pull on the safety belt to make sure that it is securely latched in the buckle.

Unfastening safety belts

Unfasten safety belts only when the vehicle is not moving ⇒ .

  • Press the red button on the buckle ⇒ Fig. 62 . The buckle tongue is ejected.
  • Let the belt wind up on the retractor as you guide the belt tongue to its stowed position to help prevent the safety belt from twisting and to help avoid damage to the interior trim.


Improperly positioned safety belts can cause serious personal injury or death in an accident.
  • Safety belts offer optimum protection only when the seat backrest is upright and belts are correctly positioned on the body.
  • A person who is not properly restrained can be seriously injured by the safety belt itself if it slips from the stronger parts of the body into sensitive areas like the abdomen.
  • Unfastening safety belts while the vehicle is in motion can cause severe personal injury or death in the event of an accident or braking maneuver!
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