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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    Using safety belts ⇒

  • Damage to safety belts reduces their overall effectiveness and increases the risk of serious personal injury and death whenever the vehicle is being used.

  • Check the condition of all safety belts regularly.

  • Keep safety belts clean.

  • Keep objects and liquids away from safety belt webbing, the safety belt buckle tongue, and the safety belt buckle latch and opening.

  • Do not pinch or damage the safety belt or buckle tongue (for instance, when closing a door).

  • Never modify, disassemble or try to repair safety belts and safety belt anchorages.

  • Always fasten your safety belt properly before driving and keep it fastened whenever the vehicle is moving.

Twisted safety belt

If it is difficult to pull the safety belt out of the belt guide, the belt may be twisted inside the side trim because the belt retracted too quickly when it was taken off.

  • Hold the safety belt tongue, slowly and carefully pull safety belt all the way out.
  • Untwist the safety belt and slowly return the belt by hand.

If you cannot untwist the safety belt, wear it anyway. Make sure that the safety belt is twisted in a spot where it does not come in direct contact with your body. Have the safety belt untwisted immediately by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

Lockable safety belt

The retractors for the rear seat safety belts and the front passenger safety belt have a switchable locking feature for child restraints in addition to the emergency locking feature. Whenever a child restraint is installed with a safety belt, the safety belt must be locked so that the safety belt webbing cannot unreel. The switchable locking feature lets you lock the belt so that a child restraint can be properly installed and, for example, so that it can't tip to the side when the vehicle goes around a corner ⇒ Child safety and child restraints .

To see whether a safety belt is lockable, pull the safety belt all the way out of the safety belt retractor. You should then hear a clicking sound as the belt winds back into the retractor reel. Test the switchable locking feature by pulling on the belt. When the switchable locking feature is active, you should no longer be able to pull the belt out of the retractor.

The locking feature must be deactivated when a vehicle occupant uses the safety belt.


Improper use and care of safety belts increases the risk of severe personal injury or death.
  • Regularly check safety belts and related parts for damage.
  • Damaged safety belts must be replaced; they cannot be repaired.
  • Always keep safety belts clean.
  • Never catch, damage or chafe safety belt webbing on sharp edges.
  • Always keep objects and liquids away from the belt buckle and buckle opening.
    Using safety belts
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject  ...

    Fastening and unfastening safety belts
    Fig. 61 Inserting the buckle tongue into the belt buckle. Fig. 62 Releasing the buckle tongue from the belt buckle. Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒ ...

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