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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Instruments

Instrument Cluster

General Information


Additional information:

Refer to Self Study Program; No 404; The Tiguan.

The following components are integrated in the instrument cluster:

  • Instrument Cluster Control Module -J285-
  • Anti-Theft Immobilizer Control Module -J362-
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel gauge
  • Engine coolant temperature gauge
  • Multifunction indicator
  • Warning lamps.

To audibly support the visual displays of the instrument panel insert, the control module activates a warning buzzer.

All indicator lamps are equipped with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Servicing the instrument cluster is not planned. In the event of malfunctions, the entire instrument cluster must be replaced.

The Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface -J533- (Gateway) is designed as a separate control module and not a component of the instrument cluster as it is for various other vehicles.

Malfunction Recognition and Malfunction Indicator:

The instrument cluster is equipped with On Board Diagnostic (OBD) capabilities which assists with troubleshooting.

Use the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester Vehicle Diagnostic Tester in "Guided Fault Finding".

Instrument Cluster, Replacing

The fourth generation anti-theft immobilizer on the Tiguan has an online connection and download capability. The chief integral component of the fourth generation immobilizer is a central database, in which all anti-theft relevant data of participating control modules is stored. It is not possible to adapt the participating control modules to the immobilizer without an online connection to this data bank.

  • It is not possible to request the PIN of anti-theft immobilizer components via fax or earlier clearing of the components.
  • All components participating on the immobilizer must be adapted online.
  • All vehicle keys (subsequently ordered keys as well) are already pre-coded to a specific vehicle from the factory and can only be adapted to this vehicle.
  • It is necessary to have the VIN to be able to order replacement keys.
  • Adapting components on vehicles from other brands in the Volkswagen group is no longer possible.

Instrument Cluster, Coding

  • Coding the instrument cluster using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.

Instrument Cluster, Removing and Installing


  • If a new instrument cluster is installed in the vehicle, the control module for the instrument cluster must be set to the various equipment characteristics and corresponding country version.
  • In order to adapt the integrated anti-theft immobilizer to the Engine Control Module (ECM), data from ECM must be stored in the replacement instrument cluster.
  • Adapt all keys after installing a new instrument cluster and perform a basic setting of the steering angle sensor.
  • Prior to replacing the instrument cluster, perform the procedure "Instrument Cluster, Replacing" to check the data stored in the control module.


  • Switch off the ignition and all electrical consumers and remove the ignition key.


It is not necessary to remove the steering wheel.

  • Pull the steering wheel all the way out and then lower as far down as it will go.
  • Loosen the steering column trim gap cover from the instrument panel.
  • Remove the screws -arrows- from the instrument cluster.

Volswagen Tiguan. N90-10018


The fixed electrical connection to the instrument cluster is disconnected automatically when the cluster is pulled out of the instrument panel opening. Harness connector is installed permanently in vehicle and is disconnected automatically when pulling out instrument cluster.

  • Remove the instrument cluster from the instrument panel.


Install in reverse order of removal.

Description of Rear Side of Instrument Cluster


Do not disassemble instrument cluster. If damaged, replace the complete instrument cluster.

  1. 36-Pin Connector
  2. Buzzer

Volswagen Tiguan. N90-10005

Instrument Cluster Indicator Lamp Symbols


Different instrument clusters are used, depending on vehicle equipment. Therefore, the arrangement of the indicator lamps may deviate from the illustration.

Volswagen Tiguan. Instrument Cluster Indicator Lamp Symbols

  1. Exhaust Filter Indicator Lamp
    • Malfunction
  2. Electromechanical Parking Brake Indicator Lamp
    • Illuminates yellow: electromechanical parking brake malfunction
  3. Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp
    • Engine oil pressure too low
    • Stop engine and check oil level
  4. Electromechanical Parking Brake Indicator Lamp
    • Illuminates red: electromechanical parking brake is set
  5. Bulb Failure or Cornering Lamp System Malfunction Indicator Lamp
    • Comes on: either a bulb has failed or there is a malfunction in the dynamic cornering lamp AFS (adaptive front lighting system)
    • Blinks: malfunction in the dynamic cornering lamp AFS (adaptive front lighting system)
  6. Rear Fog Lamp Indicator Lamp
    • Fog lights switched on
  7. High Beams Indicator Lamp
    • High beams switched on
  8. Brake Pad Indicator Lamp
    • Brake pads worn
  9. ABS Indicator Lamp
    • Malfunction
  10. Rear Lid Open Indicator Lamp
    • The rear lid is open or not latched completely
  11. Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) Indicator Lamp
    • Blinking: Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) regulating
  12. Parking Brake/Brake System Indicator Lamp
    • Comes on: malfunction in the brake system
    • Comes on: Brake fluid low - stop engine and check brake fluid
  13. Cruise Control System Indicator Lamp
    • The ACC is working or the cruise control is on
  14. Seat Belt Indicator Lamp
    • Fasten seat belts!
  15. Tire Pressure Monitoring System Indicator Lamp
    • The pressure in a tire is too low or there is a system malfunction
  16. Lane Assist Indicator Lamp
    • Green: switched on, active
    • Yellow: switched on, not active
  17. "Depress Foot Brake" Indicator Lamp
    • Request from the DSG transmission
    • OR: emergency braking request from the adaptive cruise control
  18. Fuel Level Indicator Lamp
    • Fuel level too low (reserve quantity)
  19. Door Open Indicator Lamp
    • One or more doors are open or not closed completely
    • Indicator lamp present only on the low line instrument cluster
  20. Airbag System/Belt Tensioner System Indicator Lamp
    • Airbag and/or belt tensioner system faulty
  21. Hill Climb Assist Indicator Lamp
    • Green: the hill climb assist is on
  22. Malfunction Indicator Lamp (OBD)
    • Malfunction in the exhaust system
  23. Electromechanical power steering indicator lamp
    • Yellow: the electromechanical power steering is reduced
    • Red: the electromechanical power steering is not working
  24. Engine Coolant Temperature Control Indicator Lamp
    • The engine coolant temperature is too high or
    • The coolant level is too low
  25. Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) Indicator Lamp
    • The traction control (ASR) is off
  26. Washer Fluid Level Indicator Lamp
    • The washer fluid level in the washer system reservoir is too low
  27. Surrounding Area Observation System Indicator Lamp
    • Yellow: surrounding area observation system is on, passive
    • Green: surrounding area observation system is switched on, active
  28. Glow Plug System/Diesel Engine Management Indicator Lamp
    • Illuminates: glow plug system switched on (diesel engines)
    • Blinking: engine management malfunction (diesel engines)
  29. Engine Interference Indicator Lamp (E-Gas, EPC)
    • The engine management is malfunctioning
    • The indicator lamp is only on gasoline vehicles
  30. Generator Indicator Lamp
    • Malfunction in generator

Service Interval Display

Service Interval Display, Resetting

  • Resetting Service Reminder Indicator (SRI).
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