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HID Headlamp Usage and Safety Precautions

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Protective Eyewear
  • Gloves

Note the following if working with HID headlamps:

  • Notes on hazardous high voltage/currents.
  • Notes on pressure, temperature and radiation/electric arc.
  • Assembly instructions for HID headlamp bulbs.
  • Disposal regulations for HID headlamp bulbs.


Always make sure to disconnect the battery ground cable before performing work on parts of the headlamp with a gas discharge lamp marked with yellow high voltage symbols.

Then switch the low beams on and back off. This removes any possible residual voltage.

The gas discharge lamp control module should not be operated without the gas-discharge lamp.

Due to the high voltage (over 28000 V when igniting the lamp), the gas-discharge lamp should only be operated inside the headlamp housing.


Never replace bulbs if you are not familiar with the procedures, safety precautions and tools.

Notes on Hazardous High Voltage/Currents


Light system control modules, connectors or components in the bulb socket area conduct dangerous high voltage

Control module and igniter operation is only permitted with lamp.


  • Turn off the ignition and all electric consumers and remove the key.
  • Make sure all components have zero potential when working on headlamp system, even residual voltage after switching off headlamps must be discharged.
  • Residual voltages are discharged by switching low beam on and off again after ignition key was removed.
  • Make sure lamps cannot be switched on when working on headlamp system.

Notes on Pressure, Temperature and Radiation/Glare


  • Lamp must only be operated in headlamp housing (protection against contact because of hot lamp, absorption of ultraviolet radiation, avoiding danger of glare, explosion protection).
  • Glass cones of bulbs can become very hot - danger of burns!
  • Avoid looking directly into light beam, since UV radiation of the HID lamp is approximately 2.5 times higher than that of standard Halogen lamps.
  • Avoid looking into light beam (danger of glare); vision can be impaired for a longer period of time.


  • Avoid contact with burst glass cone.
  • H7 bulbs and HID bulbs (Xenon/Bi-Xenon) are under pressure and can burst when replaced - danger of injury!
  • When removing and installing HID bulbs, always wear safety glasses and gloves.

Assembly Notes on HID Headlamp Bulbs


  • Before replacing a bulb, the corresponding consumer must always be switched off.
  • Turn off the ignition and all electric consumers and remove the key.
  • Do not touch glass cone of bulb with bare fingers, use clean cloth gloves. The remaining fingerprint would evaporate due to the heat of the operated bulb and condense on the reflector which would impair headlamp luminosity.
  • A bulb must only be replaced with one of the same version. Bulb identification can be found on bulb socket or glass cone.
  • Harness connectors must engage correctly when installed and must be checked for proper connection.

Disposal Regulations for HID Headlamp Bulbs


  • HID lamps must be disposed of as hazardous waste, never dispose of HID lamps via domestic waste.
  • HID lamps contain metallic mercury (Hg) and traces of thallium, they must not be destroyed.
  • These components must be returned for proper recycling in accordance with national legislation.
  • Dispose of only in the designated containers at the responsible collection point.
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