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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Windshield Wiper/Washer System

Cruise Control System
Cruise Control System, Activating and Deactivating General Description Cruise control system functions are controlled by the engine control module. Cruise control system can be activated/deactivated ...

Washer Fluid Line Hose Connections
Windshield and Rear Window Washer System The following hose connection types are used for connecting hoses to pumps and spray nozzles or as separating points To loosen the connection, pulling both ...

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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual > Wheel covers: Hubcap
Fig. 189 Pulling off hubcap. Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject  To remove Take the wire clip out of vehicle tool kit and hook it into the edge of the hubcap ⇒ Fig. 189 . Pull the hubcap off in the direction o ...

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