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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A-

Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- Maintenance Charging

Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A-

General Description

The Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- supports the vehicle electrical system and prevents the battery from self-discharging.

The Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- reaches a maximum voltage of 14.3 V and a maximum charge current of 255 mA.

All chargeable lead- or lead gel batteries can be charged with the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A-.

Volswagen Tiguan. W00-10800

The Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- is connected to the diagnostic connection in the vehicle.

There is a green LED inside the frame, which displays the function. The brighter the LED, the higher the charging current.

It is not possible to overcharge the battery due to the integrated electronics.

  • Secure the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- to the interior rearview mirror -1-.
  • Lay the bottom on the instrument panel -2-.


The Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- must not touch the instrument panel completely. Only the bottom edge may be used for support. If it touches completely, the color of the instrument panel could change.

  • Pull the securing string together so that the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- is close to the glass.
  • Connect the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- to the vehicle diagnostic connection. Connecting is the same as with the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.
  • Check the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A- function. The green LED shows the functionality of the Solar Battery Maintainer -VAS6102A-.

Volswagen Tiguan. N27-10800

Severely Discharged Batteries


Risk of injury. Follow all Warnings and Safety Precautions.

For a battery to be indicated as "severely discharged", the resting voltage must be less than 11.6 V.


Batteries that have a light yellow visual indicator do not have to be tested or charged. Jump starting must not be used!

There is a risk of explosion during testing, charging or jump starting.

These batteries must be replaced.


  • Severely discharged batteries freeze earlier.
  • Batteries that have been frozen must no longer be used.


  • Severely discharged batteries in vehicles must be replaced prior to delivery. Pre-existing damage cannot be ruled out.
  • Batteries which have not been used in driving operation for a long time, for example vehicles in storage, discharge themselves.
  • For severely discharged batteries, the electrolyte consists almost completely of water, because the acid portion has been greatly reduced.
  • Severely discharged batteries become sulfated, meaning all the battery plate surfaces become hardened.
  • The sulfating process may be largely reversed if a severely discharged battery is recharged immediately.
  • If the battery is not recharged, the plates will continue to harden, and the ability to accept a charge will decrease. This results in reduction of battery performance.

Check the battery resting voltage.

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