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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Front Suspension, Servicing

Overview - Front Axle

Volswagen Tiguan. Overview - Front Axle

  1. Chapter "Subframe, Stabilizer Bar and Control Arms".
  2. Chapter "Wheel Bearing".
  3. Chapter "Suspension Strut".
  1. Chapter "Adaptive Chassis DCC Suspension Strut".

Wheel Bearing, Lifting to Curb Weight Position

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931-
  • Tensioning Strap -T10038-
  • Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149-


All bolts at suspension parts with bonded rubber bushings must always be tightened in curb weight position (unloaded condition).

Bonded rubber bushings have a limited range of motion.

Axle components with bonded rubber bushings must be brought into the position they will be in during driving before tightening (curb weight position).

Otherwise, the bonded rubber bushing will have tension, which will reduce the service life.

By raising appropriate suspension using Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- and Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149-, this position can be simulated on the hoist.

Before appropriate suspension is raised, vehicle must be strapped on both sides to lift arms of hoist using Tensioning Strap -T10038-.


The vehicle could fall off the hoist if it is not secured.

  • Turn wheel hub far enough until one of the holes for wheel bolts is on top.
  • Install the Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149- with wheel bolt on wheel hub.

Volswagen Tiguan. N40-0650

The bolts/nuts must only be tightened once dimension -a- between the center of the wheel hub and the lower edge of the wheel housing has been reached.

The dimension -a- is dependent on standing height of the installed suspension:

Chassis 1) Standing Height -a- in mm
Basic suspension (G02/G10) 430 +- 10 mm
Sport chassis (G03) 430 +- 10 mm
Basic chassis with adaptive chassis DCC (G40) 430 +- 10 mm
Basic Suspension USA and Canada/Russia (G34/G73) 430 +- 10 mm
Blue Motion (G06/G07) 410 +- 10 mm

1) The suspension that the vehicle is equipped with is indicated on the vehicle data label. The suspension is represented by a PR number. To determine which PR number represents which suspension.

  • Lift the wheel bearing housing using the Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- until the dimension -a- is reached.


  • Do not lift or lower vehicle with the engine and Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- still under the vehicle.
  • Do not leave the Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- under the vehicle any longer than necessary.
  • Tighten the corresponding bolts and nuts.
  • Lower the wheel bearing housing.
  • Remove the Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931- from under the vehicle.
  • Remove the Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149-.
    Front Suspension

    Subframe, Stabilizer Bar and Control Arms

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