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Chassis Evaluation Checklist for Accident Vehicles

When servicing load-bearing or wheel-supporting components on accident vehicles, damages on suspension could remain undiscovered. These undiscovered damages may lead to heavy damages in continued vehicle operation. Therefore, on accident vehicles, the listed components must be checked in the described manner and sequence, independent of performing a vehicle alignment. If no deviations from the specified values were determined during the vehicle alignment, then there are no deformations on the suspension.

Visual Inspection and Function Check of the Steering System

  • Visual inspection for deformations and cracks
  • Check for play in tie rod joints and steering gear
  • Visual inspection for faulty boots and grease boots
  • Check electric and hydraulic lines and hoses for chafe marks, cuts and kinks.
  • Check the hydraulic lines, bolted connections and steering gear for leaks
  • Check the steering gear and lines for proper seating
  • Check proper function through entire steering angle by turning steering wheel from stop to stop. Steering wheel must be rotary without hitching at equal force

Visual and Function Test of the Suspension

The sequence of the following test steps must be maintained.

  • Check all components shown in the overviews for deformation, cracks and other damages
  • Replace the damaged components
  • Perform a vehicle alignment on alignment rack approved by VOLKSWAGEN AG

Visual and Function Test for Wheels, Tires

  • Check for run-out and imbalance.
  • Check tires for cuts and impact damage in the tread and on the sidewalls.
  • Check tire inflation pressure; inflation pressure see the tire pressure label in the fuel filler door.

For damage on disc wheel and/or tire, the tire must be replaced. This also applies when the crash details and damage on the vehicle points to possible non-visible damages.

Another deciding factor is the age of the tires: the tires must not be older than 6 years.

In Case of Doubt, Always Proceed as Follows

  • As soon as a safety risk cannot be ruled out, the tire(s) must be replaced.

Overall Vehicle

Also check other vehicle systems as, for example:

  • Brake system including ABS
  • Exhaust system and passenger protection by visual and function check

Test values, adjustment values and notes can be found in respective repair manuals/ELSA.

Checking of accident vehicles described here, refers to suspension and does not lay claim to completeness for overall vehicle.

Electronic Vehicle Systems

Safety related systems, such as: ABS/EDS; Airbag; electronically controlled suspension systems; electro-mechanical; electro-hydraulic steering and other driver assist systems, must be checked for possible fault messages using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester. If faults were stored in the DTC memory for the system mentioned, then these systems must be serviced according to the specifications in the repair manual/ELSA. After performing repairs, check the fault stored in the DTC memory of the affected system again, to make sure that proper function can be ensured again.

General Information

Information on wheels, tires and snow chains can be found in the "Wheel and Tire Guide".

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