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Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual: Aqua Premium Application Instructions for Water-Soluble Products

When working with water-soluble products, pretreat the base surface very carefully and only with water-soluble products and the recommended processing materials.

Base Surface

Pre-treatment of base surfaces:

  • Clean the metallic base surfaces preferably with Nitro Thinner -LVE 856 000 A3-.
  • The sanded filler surfaces and old paint must be cleaned with Silicon Remover -LSW 019 000 A2-.
  • Plastic surfaces must first be thoroughly pretreated according to the → Chapter "Paint System for Plastic Parts" and before they are further processed, cleaned again with the Silicon Remover -LSW 019 000 A2-.

Masking Work

Use only commercially available water-resistant masking tape and water-resistant, adhesive masking paper or plastic masking films.

Sprayguns/Spraying Systems

Suitable spray guns are compliant spray guns.


Processing water-soluble and conventional products alternately with a single spraygun/spraying system is not advisable. Sprayguns/spraying systems for processing water-soluble products must be constructed of corrosion resistant materials (stainless steel, plastic).

Mixing/Adjusting Vessels

Only plastic containers or inner-coated tin containers may be used for mixing or viscosity adjustment of water-soluble products.

Material Temperature

Since the viscosity and the processing characteristics of water-soluble products are dependent on the material temperature, you must ensure that the water-soluble products have a temperature of +18 ºC to +35 ºC (64.4 ºF to 95 ºF) at the time they are processed/adjusted.


Processing water-soluble products is extensively influenced through temperature and humidity. The influence can vary from a restriction to a suspension of the application when the certain requirements are not given or met. In the processing window for water-soluble products the cornerstones/corner points are determined.

For optimal handling when in different climatic conditions and for different object sizes, the following climate chart gives recommendations for using Additive for Aqua Premium - LVM 035 200 A3- or Additive for Aqua Premium -LVM 035 301 A3-.

Climate Chart

Climate connections in the spray booth Temperature range Relative humidity area LVM 035 200 LVM 035 301
      Partial resprays Complete resprays Partial resprays Complete resprays
Cold and dry climate 20 ºC (68 ºF) 15-30 % Partially suitable Not suitable Suitable Suitable
Average climate 20-30 ºC (68 ºF-86ºF) less than 30 % Suitable Not suitable Suitable Suitable + 10 % Purified Water - LVW 010 000-
30-60 % Suitable Suitable Partially suitable Suitable
greater than 60 % Suitable Suitable Partially suitable Partially suitable
Hot Climate 30- >35 ºC (86ºF- >95ºF) 30-60 % Suitable Partially suitable Partially suitable Suitable
Hot and wet climate 30- >35 ºC (86ºF- >95ºF) greater than 60 % Suitable Suitable Not suitable Partially suitable
Hot and dry climate 30- >35 ºC (86ºF- >95ºF) 15-30 % Partially suitable Not suitable Suitable Suitable + 10 % Purified Water - LVW 010 000-
30- >35 ºC (86ºF- >95ºF) less than 15 % Not suitable Not suitable Partially suitable Partially suitable + 10 % Purified Water - LVW 010 000-

The temperature and humidity ranges given in the table are reference values and always depend on the local circumstances. The air flow volume in the booth as well as the paint spray guns (type and/or nozzle size) and the application itself can have a large influence on the film build up and the quality of the application.

Assuming that a processing temperature of + 20 ºC (68 ºF) and above is ensured in a modern-equipped paint shop, other measures regarding the humidity are still necessary if the humidity is outside of the processing range.

Procedures for to High Relative Air Humidity.

As a result of too high humidity color shade deviations cloudiness of metallic colors and insufficient stability on vertical surfaces can occur. As a corrective measure the temperature in the spray booth can be increased as long as it is acceptable for the processor. Only insert the Additive for Aqua Premium -LVM 035 200-.

Procedures for to Low Relative Air Humidity.

Results of too low of humidity are raised spray mist formation and worsening spray mist characteristics. As a corrective measure and if possible, lower the handling temperature but it must not fall below + 18 ºC (34.4ºF). Only insert the Additive for Aqua Premium -LVM 035 301-.

Drying Times and Reworking Times

The ventilation times for water-soluble products are negatively affected by low temperatures and high humidity between the painting applications and the final evaporating or reworking times. The drying process between the individual spray applications or prior to reworking can be accelerated by:

  • Increasing the amount of moisture-laden air that is discharged by blowing with variable and stationary air blower with and without dryer.
  • Heated drying
  • Infrared drying

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Note the safety data sheets
  • Wear the personal protective equipment during application

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