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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Dimensions

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Length 174.5 inch (4433 mm)
Widtha) 71.2 inch (1809 mm)
Height (Body) 65.6 inch (1665 mm)
Height (Maximum) 67.1 inch (1703 mm)
Wheelbase 102.5 inch (2605 mm)
Minimum turning circle diameter (wall to wall) 39 feet (12 m)
Tracka) front 62.0 inch (1575 mm)
Tracka) rear 62.0 inch (1577 mm)
Ground clearance at maximum permissible weight 6.9 inch (175 mm)
Approach angle

– Standard

– Off-road

18 degrees

28 degrees
Departure angle 25 degrees
Ramp angle 20 degrees
Max. gradient 31 degrees
Fording depth 6.9 inch (175 mm)


  • Please be careful when parking your vehicle in areas with parking barriers or curbs. These vary in height and could damage your bumper and related parts if the front of your vehicle hits a barrier or curb that is too high while your are getting into or out of a parking spot.
  • Always be careful when you enter a driveway or drive up or down steep ramps or over curbs or other obstacles. Parts of the vehicle close to the ground may be damaged (such as bumper covers, spoilers, and parts of the engine, suspension, and exhaust systems).

a) About figure for fully loaded standard vehicle; varies depending on your vehicle's equipment (engine, tires, wheels, tire inflation pressure, driving situation and other factors).

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