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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Side view

Fig. 1 Vehicle side overview.

Key to ⇒ Fig. 1 :

  1. Fuel filler flap ⇒ Refueling 
  2. Side window with integrated antenna ⇒ Consumer information 
  3. Roof antenna for:

    • Cell phone
    • Navigation
  4. Roof rack
  5. Outside door handle ⇒ Doors 
  6. Outside mirror ⇒ Mirrors 

    • Additional turn signal light
  7. Lift points for the jack ⇒ Changing a wheel 
    Exterior views

    Front view
    Fig. 2 Vehicle front overview. Key to ⇒ Fig. 2 : Sensor on mirror base for: Low-light sensor Front windshield Windshield wipers ⇒ Windshield wiper and washer . Engine ...

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    Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual > Driving checklists and warnings: Checklist
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