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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Using a cellular phone in a motor vehicle when it is not connected to the vehicle telephone antenna - some important things to know

Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual / Care, cleaning, maintenance / Parts, accessories, repairs and modifications / Using a cellular phone in a motor vehicle when it is not connected to the vehicle telephone antenna - some important things to know

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Mobile or cellular telephones send and receive radio waves, sometimes called radiofrequency energy (RF energy), both when they are being used and when they are in stand-by mode. Current scientific literature indicates that radio waves that exceed a certain level can have effects on the human body. Limits and guidelines have been established by governmental authorities and international committees in an effort to keep the electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones at levels that will not cause health problems. However, there is no scientifically based proof that wireless phones are absolutely safe.

Therefore some experts recommend a precautionary approach regarding the use of cellular phones by taking measures that lower the personal exposure to electromagnetic fields.

When using a cellular telephone inside a motor vehicle without a proper connection to an integrated vehicle telephone antenna, the personal exposure to electromagnetic fields will be higher than when using the cellular telephone while properly connected to an integrated or other outside vehicle telephone antenna.

Your vehicle may be equipped with an optional hands-free system that will permit many of the features of compatible Bluetooth® enabled cellular telephones to be used for greater convenience and is consistent with the laws of an increasing number of states and localities that prohibit the use of cellular telephones without some kind of hands-free device.

The hands-free system in your vehicle can be used with certain cell phones that are connected by wire and hardware connector or via compatible Bluetooth® enabled phones with a cradle that is designed to fit your cellular telephone. The special cradle offers several advantages: The phone cradle must be safely secured to the base plate. Your phone is firmly attached to the instrument panel and is within reach at all times. Placing the phone in its cradle permits it to be charged, but more importantly connects the cellular phone to the vehicle's outside antenna. A cellular telephone that is properly connected to the integrated or other outside vehicle telephone antenna will lower the personal exposure to electromagnetic fields. You should also experience a better quality of service. Although a cellular telephone can be used inside your vehicle without a cradle, the phone will not be securely attached to the vehicle, will not be charged through the cradle wiring, and more importantly will not be connected to the vehicle's integrated telephone antenna. The cell phone will also not be recharged. You might also experience more dropped calls and an overall impaired quality of the connection.

Therefore we strongly recommend that you use your cellular telephone in your vehicle only when it is properly attached to an appropriate cradle mounted on a base plate on the instrument panel.

Because of the large number and variety of cellular telephones on the market and the frequency with which new models are introduced, Volkswagen does not offer cradles for cellular telephones. Please check with the manufacturer of the cellular telephone that you plan to use.

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc.


A cell phone on the seat, instrument panel or in other places can be thrown around the inside of the vehicle during a sudden braking maneuver, a crash or other accident and injure vehicle occupants.
  • Never place or attach accessories or other objects (such as cup holders, telephone brackets, notepads, navigation systems, large, heavy or bulky objects) on the doors, on the windshield, over or near the area marked AIRBAG on the steering wheel, instrument panel, backrests or between these areas and the occupant. Such objects could cause serious injury in a collision, especially if an airbag inflates.


Using a cell phone or CB radio inside the vehicle without a properly installed and separate outside antenna can be dangerous to your health and that of your passengers because the electromagnetic radiation energy that cell phones and CB radios emit may be above established limits. This also applies if the outside antenna is not installed properly.
  • Always keep the cell phone antenna at least 8 in (20 cm) away from pacemakers. Heart specialists advise that cell phones can adversely affect the way of pacemakers work.
  • Never carry a cell phone that is switched on in the breast pocket directly over a pacemaker.
  • If you suspect there may be interference with a pacemaker or other medical device, switch the cell phone off immediately.
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