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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    Some countries have special safety standards and emissions requirements that your vehicle may not meet. Before taking your vehicle to another country, Volkswagen therefore recommends that you ask your authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility about the following issues with regard to the country to which you would like to travel:

  • Should the vehicle be technically prepared for the trip abroad, such as masking or adjusting headlights?

  • Are maintenance, repair facilities, necessary tools and testing equipment as well as spare parts readily available for your vehicle?

  • Are there authorized Volkswagen dealers and authorized Volkswagen Service Facilities in the countries where you will be driving?

  • For gasoline engines: Is unleaded fuel with the right octane rating readily available?

  • For diesel engines: Is ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel Refueling readily available?

  • Are engine oil (Engine oil) and other operating fluids that meet Volkswagen quality and performance requirements available where you will be driving? For more information, please see Warranty and Maintenance.

  • Does the factory-installed navigation system work in the countries where you will be driving, and is navigation data available?

  • Are special or heavy-duty tires necessary for the kind of driving expected?


Volkswagen is not responsible for mechanical damage that may result from substandard fuel or service or the unavailability of Genuine Volkswagen parts.
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