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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Checklist

    Please note the following when it comes to the care and preservation of the upholstery ⇒ :

  • Open Velcro® fasteners can damage upholstery, fabric, and trim. Before you get into the vehicle, close all Velcro® fasteners that could come into contact with upholstery fabrics and cloth trim.

  • Sharp-edged objects and items on clothing and belts (such as belt clips, cell phone cases, zippers, rivets, and rhinestones) can damage upholstery material and fabric trim. To help prevent damage, do not let such items come into direct contact with the upholstery and fabric trim.

  • Dust and dirt particles in pores, folds, and seams can have a scouring effect on material and damage the surface. Remove dust and dirt regularly to help prevent permanent surface damage.

  • Check clothing for colorfastness to help prevent upholstery discoloration, especially to light-colored upholstery.


Disregarding the upholstery-related checklist may lead to damage or discoloration of upholstery and fabric trim.
  • Please note and follow the points listed in the checklist.

Volkswagen recommends having any discoloration removed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

    Caring for upholstery
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    Cleaning upholstery, fabric trim and Alcantara®
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