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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

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⇒ Park Distance Control (PDC) 

The Park Distance Control system can help the driver when backing up and parking. PDC uses ultrasonic sensors in the bumper to measure the distance between the vehicle and objects. The system uses the time it takes for the ultrasonic waves to bounce back from the object to calculate the distance between the vehicle and an object. Park Distance Control works only at speeds up to about 10 mph (15 km/h).

If the vehicle gets too close to an obstacle behind it, a beeping signal sounds. The closer the vehicle gets to the obstacle, the faster the beep. When the obstacle is very close, the sound is continuous.

If you move even closer to the obstacle despite the continuous warning sound, the system cannot measure the distance remaining until collision.

A Declaration of Compliance with the United States FCC and Industry Canada regulations is found on ⇒ Declaration of Compliance, Telecommunications and Electronic Systems .

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Park Distance Control is no substitute for careful and attentive driving. Never rely completely on these systems for information about people and objects that might be in the way of the vehicle and could be struck resulting in serious personal injuries.
  • Unintended vehicle movements can cause serious injuries.
  • Always adjust your speed and driving style to road, traffic, weather, and visibility conditions.
  • The sensors have blind spots in which they cannot detect people, animals, and objects.
  • Always be careful and look around you when parking. The sensors cannot always detect people, animals, and objects. Watch out for small children and animals in particular.
  • Certain types of clothing and the surfaces of certain objects do not reflect the ultrasonic waves that the sensors send and receive. Such objects and persons wearing such clothing will not be detected by PDC or will not be detected accurately.
  • Noise in the area can interfere with the signals of the Park Distance Control sensors. Under certain circumstances, the system will not detect people and objects for this reason.


  • Things like trailer draw bars, thin rods, fences, trees, narrow painted vertical poles, posts, or a luggage compartment lid that is opening may not be detected by the Park Distance Control sensors and could damage the vehicle.
  • If you continue driving closer to an object that the Park Distance Control has already detected and reported, the object may disappear from the sensor range and may no longer be detected. This is especially true for low or high objects. The system will no longer sound warnings about these objects. Ignoring signals from the Park Distance Control system could result in serious damage to the vehicle.
  • The sensors in the bumper can be damaged or become misaligned in low speed impacts and parking maneuvers. Damaged or misaligned sensors cannot accurately detect or report objects that might be within range of the PDC system.
  • To help make sure that the system works properly, always keep the sensors in the bumpers clean, free of snow and ice; do not cover the sensors with stickers or other objects.
  • When cleaning the sensors with power washers or steam cleaners, only spray the sensors directly for a very short time, and always keep the washer nozzle at least 4 inches (10 cm) from the sensors.
  • Noise from rough roads, cobblestones, other vehicles and the surrounding area, for example, can prevent the Park Distance Control system from accurately detecting and reporting people and objects that may be within range of the system sensors.

Volkswagen recommends practicing with the Park Distance Control system in a location or parking space with no traffic in order to become familiar with the system and how it works.

    Park Distance Control

    Park Distance Control (PDC)
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