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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Steering system information

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

To help make it more difficult to steal your vehicle, you should always make sure the steering column is locked before leaving the vehicle.

Electronic steering column lock

The steering column is locked by removing the remote control vehicle key from the ignition switch when the vehicle is not moving standing still. The electronic steering column lock does not lock if the vehicle moves for more than 10 seconds after the remote control vehicle key is removed.

Vehicles with Keyless Access: The steering column is locked if the driver door is opened with the ignition switched off. The vehicle must be standing still and the transmission must be in Park (P) on an automatic transmission vehicle.

If the driver door is opened before the ignition is switched off, the electronic steering column lock will be activated only after the vehicle has been locked with the vehicle key or via the door handle.

Mechanical steering column lock

Vehicles without Keyless Access: The steering column is locked if the vehicle is stationary and the vehicle key is removed from the ignition switch.

Engaging the steering column lock Disengaging the steering column lock
Parking the vehicle ⇒ Braking, stopping, and parking . Turn the steering wheel slightly to take pressure off the steering column lock.
Remove the vehicle key. Insert the vehicle key into the ignition switch.
Turn the steering wheel slightly until you hear the steering column lock engage. Hold the steering wheel in this position and turn the ignition switch.

Power steering

Power steering automatically adjusts to driving speed, steering torque, and the steering angle of the wheels. Power steering works only when the engine is running.

If power steering is reduced or lost completely, it will be much harder to steer and control the vehicle.

Counter-steering assistance

Counter-steering assistance is part of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This feature makes it easier for the driver to control the vehicle in difficult situations. For example, if you have to brake hard on a surface that provides uneven traction, the vehicle could pull to the right or left. ESC detects this situation and helps the driver counter-steer with additional steering power ⇒ .


The counter-steering assistance in ESC can do no more than help the driver steer in difficult situations. The driver must still control the vehicle. The vehicle does not steer by itself with this feature!


If the ignition is off, the steering column lock will engage and the vehicle cannot be steered. For this reason, you must leave the ignition on when going through an automatic car wash, for example, so that the wheels will still steer.

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