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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

When the ignition is switched on, you can display different types of information in the instrument cluster. The menu options vary depending on whether you have a Basic or Premium version of the Volkswagen Information System. With the Premium instrument cluster display, you can also control certain vehicle features.

Buttons on the windshield wiper lever operate the menus for Basic instrument cluster. The Premium version has control buttons on the right side of the multi-function steering wheel.

Some menu items can only be accessed when the vehicle is not moving.

As long as a priority 1 warning message is displayed, no menus can be accessed on vehicles with the Premium instrument cluster. In order to display menus, acknowledge the warning by pressing the OK button on the multi-function steering wheel.

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Driving on today's roads demands the full attention of the driver at all times. Driver distraction causes accidents, collisions and serious personal injury!
  • Never access menus when the vehicle is moving.

Starting the engine with a very weak vehicle battery and emergency starting may change or delete system settings (including time, date, personal convenience settings and programming). Check the settings and correct as necessary once the vehicle battery has built up a sufficient charge.

Applicable only in the United States

    Volkswagen Information System

    Menu structure – overview (Basic version)
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