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Fig. 13 In the instrument cluster display: A: Open engine hood, B: Open rear hatch, C: Open front driver side door, D: Open rear passenger side door.

Depending on the vehicle model, different information may be shown in the instrument cluster display ⇒ Fig. 11④ ⇒ Fig. 12④ .

  • Warning and information texts
  • Odometer displays
  • Time
  • Outside temperature
  • Compass display
  • Selector lever position ⇒ Shifting 
  • Gear recommendation (manual transmission) ⇒ Shifting 
  • Multi-Function Indicator (MFI) and menus for different settings ⇒ Volkswagen Information System 
  • Service interval display ⇒ Service reminder display 
  • Alternative speed display (Settings menu ⇒ Volkswagen Information System )

Warning and information texts

The status of various vehicle functions and components is monitored when the ignition is switched on and while driving. Malfunctions are indicated by red and yellow warning symbols with text messages in the instrument cluster display (⇒ Warning and indicator lights ). In some cases, they may also be signaled acoustically. The display can vary depending on the instrument cluster model.

Type of notification Symbol color Explanation
Priority 1 warning message Red Symbol flashing or lit – sometimes with acoustic warnings.


Check malfunction and take corrective action. Contact an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility for assistance if necessary.

Menus cannot be accessed when a priority 1 warning message is displayed. The warning message will turn off automatically after a few seconds. You can confirm and turn off some warning messages using the OK button.
Priority 2 warning message Yellow Symbol flashing or continuously lit – sometimes with acoustic warnings.

Malfunctions or low operating fluid levels may cause vehicle damage and vehicle breakdown. ⇒

Check malfunction as soon as possible. Contact an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility for assistance if necessary.
Information text Information about various vehicle situations.

Odometer displays

The odometer indicates the distance driven by the vehicle.

The trip odometer (Trip) shows the distance driven since the last time the trip odometer was reset. The last digit indicates 1/10 mile (100 meters).

Outside temperature display

At outside temperatures below about +39 °F (+4 °C), a snowflake symbol (icy road warning) appears in the display. The symbol flashes at first, then stays on until the outside temperature rises above +43 °F (+6 °C) ⇒ .

When the vehicle is not moving, is operating, or when you are driving at very low speeds, the temperature displayed may be slightly higher than the actual outside temperature.

The measurement range is from -40 °F (-40 °C) to +122 °F (+50 °C).

Compass display

On vehicles equipped with compass display, the current compass direction is indicated in the instrument cluster display when the ignition and navigation system are switched on ⇒ Compass .

Selector lever positions

The selector lever position is shown both on the side of the selector lever and in the instrument cluster display. The respective gear may also be shown in the instrument cluster display in Drive (D) and Sport Drive (S), as well as in Tiptronic® mode.

Gear recommendation (manual transmission)

While the vehicle is moving, a fuel economy gear recommendation is indicated in the instrument cluster display ⇒ Shifting .

Alternative speed display (mph or km/h)

The alternative speed display shows the current vehicle speed in units other than the units shown on the vehicle’s speedometer. For example, if the speedometer shows mph, the alternative speed display shows a digital readout of the current vehicle speed in km/h. This feature can be especially helpful when driving in countries where speed limit signs are posted in units other than those shown on the vehicle’s speedometer.

For vehicles with the Premium instrument cluster display, select the Alt. speed dsp menu item in the Settings menu ⇒ Volkswagen Information System .

For vehicles with the Basic instrument cluster display:

  • Start the engine.
  • Press the button 3 times. The odometer display in the instrument cluster display flashes.
  • Press the 0.0 / SET button once. Instead of the odometer reading, mph or km/h will be shown briefly.
  • This activates the alternative speed display. To deactivate, follow the same procedure.


Failure to heed warning lights and instrument cluster text messages can cause the vehicle to break down in traffic and result in a collision and serious personal injury.
  • Never ignore warning lights or text WARNINGS.
  • Always stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • A broken down vehicle presents a high accident risk for itself and others. Switch on emergency flashers and set up a warning triangle to warn oncoming traffic.
  • Park the vehicle at a safe distance from moving traffic and where no part of the hot catalytic converter and exhaust system can come into contact with flammable materials under the vehicle, such as dry grass, brush, spilled fuel, etc.


Roads and bridges may be dangerously icy even if the outside air temperature is above freezing.
  • If you use the outside temperature display to tell you about frost conditions, remember that roads can even ice over at temperatures above +39 °F (+4 °C). Always remember: even if the snowflake symbol (ice warning) is not displayed, there could still be black ice on the road.
  • Never rely exclusively on the outside temperature display.


Failure to heed warning lights or text WARNINGS can result in vehicle damage.

The instrument cluster displays and their arrangement may vary depending on the vehicle model and engine. For displays without warning and information messages, malfunctions are only signaled with indicator lights.

If there are multiple warning messages, the symbols are displayed for several seconds in order of importance. The symbols are displayed until the cause has been corrected.
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