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Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

It is not possible to secure a load unless the roof rack system has been properly installed ⇒ .

Maximum permissible roof load

The maximum permissible roof load for vehicles without a roof railing is 165 lbs. (75 kg) and for vehicles with a roof railing, 220 lbs. (100 kg). The roof load is the combined weight of the roof rack and the items being carried on the roof ⇒ .

Be sure you know the weight of the roof rack and the items you want to transport on the roof. Weigh them if necessary. Never carry a total of more than the maximum permissible roof load.

When using a roof rack with a lower load limit, do not load the rack to the maximum weight mentioned above. In this case, you may only load the roof rack to the weight limit specified in the system's installation instructions.

Distributing the load

Distribute the load evenly and secure it properly ⇒ .

Checking the mountings

After the base carrier and rook rack have been installed, check all bolts and fasteners after driving a short time and at regular intervals thereafter.


If the maximum permissible roof load is exceeded, accidents and substantial vehicle damage may occur.
  • Never exceed the specified roof load, the maximum gross axle weight rating, or the gross vehicle weight rating.
  • Do not exceed the loading capacity of the roof rack, even if the permissible roof load is not fully utilized.
  • Always make sure that loads are evenly distributed and that heavier items are, as far as possible, toward the front.


Loose or improperly secured loads can be thrown from the roof rack and cause accidents and injuries.
  • Always use suitable, undamaged tie-down ropes and ratchet straps.
  • Secure the load properly.
    Mounting the roof rack base carrier and roof rack
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