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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Front passenger side overview

Fig. 10 Overview of the front passenger side.

Key to ⇒ Fig. 10 :

  1. Passenger front airbag location in the instrument panel (approximate) ⇒ Airbag system 
  2. Opening handle for the lockable glove compartment ⇒ Glove compartment 
  3. Air vents ⇒ Climate control 
    Lower center console
    Fig. 8 Vehicles without Keyless Access: Overview of center console lower section. Fig. 9 Vehicles with Keyless Access: Overview of center console lower section. Key to ⇒ Fig. 8  : Button ...

    Symbols on the roof console
    Symbol Meaning Interior and reading lights ⇒ Lights  Power sunroof ⇒ Power sunroof  Three-button modul ...

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    Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual > Off-road driving situations: Checklist
    Checklist: Perform after every off-road drive ⇒ : Switch on ASR again Braking, stopping, and parking. Clean the turn signal lights, the headlights and taillights, the license plate, and all windows. If required, remove the towing eye(s) and snow chains. Check tires, ...

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