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Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

The safety belts in the vehicle are part of the vehicle's safety concept ⇒ Safety equipment  and consist of the following important features:

Automatic safety belt retractors

Every safety belt is equipped with an automatic belt retractor on the shoulder belt. As long as the safety belt is pulled out slowly, the shoulder belt will extend to let you move freely under normal driving conditions. The automatic safety belt retractor locks the belt when the belt is pulled out fast, during hard braking and in a collision. The belt may also lock when you drive up or down a steep hill or through a sharp curve.

Safety belt pretensioner

The retractors for the driver and front passenger have a pretensioner that helps take the slack out of the safety belt and tighten it when the pretensioner is activated.

The pretensioners are activated by the electronic control unit for the airbag system in front, side, and rear collisions. By tightening the safety belt, the pretensioner helps to reduce the occupant's forward movement. The belt pretensioner works together with the airbag system; its function is monitored by the airbag system indicator light. The belt pretensioner will not deploy in a rollover if the side airbags are not activated.

A fine dust may be released upon activation. This is normal and is not caused by a fire in the vehicle.

Safety belt load limiter

The front and rear safety belts also have load limiters to help reduce the forces applied to the body in a crash.

Heed all safety regulations if the vehicle or individual components of the system have to be scrapped. Your authorized Volkswagen dealer and authorized Volkswagen Service Facility are familiar with these regulations ⇒ Service and disposal of belt pretensioners .

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